In Colombia, on the site of the crash with the football club “Epicoene” found two “black boxes” that record flight data and conversations in the cockpit. On Board were 81 people, six survived.

About the discovery of the flight recorders, told reporters the head of the civil aviation authority of Colombia Alfredo Bocanegra.

Probably, these “black boxes” will help clarify the causes of the disaster. In the press there was speculation that the plane could fall due to technical reasons – from-for shortages of fuel. Representatives of the administration of the airport in Medellin, which was flying the flight, said that shortly before communication was lost with the ship, its crew reported an emergency “due to a failure in electrical equipment”.

The plane of the Bolivian airline Lamia crashed near the town of El Gordo near the municipality of La unión (Antioquia). Onboard the liner there were 81 people: 22 of the player “Epicoene”, 28 members of the club, coaches and special invited 22 journalists, 9 crew members.

The players “Epicoene” flew on the scheduled for Wednesday, November 30, the game with the Colombian club “Atletico Nacional” in the final match of South American Cup.

Both “black boxes” crashed in Colombia plane found 30.11.2016

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