Bottle with a letter a little girl who 15 years ago was sent from the banks of the North of Scotland, made up of Bely island in the Kara sea in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district (YANAO). According to scientists, the bottle covered about four thousand kilometers.

“A message in a bottle was found in August one of the staff of our centre on the Isle of White. At first he didn’t pay any attention to this, but kept it and brought in Salekhard. After that we proceeded to the study findings: it turned out that it was sent 15 years ago by one of the inhabitants of Scotland,” – said TASS Director of the Russian centre of Arctic exploration Vladimir Pushkarev.

It turned out that 15 years ago in celebration of the 300th anniversary of the Scottish city Findochty its residents conducted a social campaign. They gathered 60 empty bottles and put them in a scrapbook with their names and with the names of their children and friends, after that, the fisherman took them out to sea. Found in a bottle the message has the name of the two girls.

According to the organizers, those who received the message should notify you and if possible to return the bottle, according to the “Red North”. The author of the initiative and the girl, who is now 17, found through social media. They were very surprised that the bottle survived. In October the Governor of Yamal Dmitry Kobylkin will take part in Arctic forum in Reykjavik, where will be organized a meeting with the Scots. The Governor returned them a note, have come such a long way, reports “Sever-press”.

In 2012, we launched the first expedition of the cleanup of Bely island, where he found the bottle, from industrial debris. For four years in total cleared more than 52 acres of land, contains about 1 thousand tons of scrap metal. Active participation in rehabilitation activities took volunteers from across the country, as well as environmentalists from abroad: China, Chile, Germany and Israel. In 2016, the garbage collection has finished, now begins the stage of waste removal from the territory, notes TASS.

The main goal of scientists is the elimination of the damage caused in the XX century, when industrial development of the Arctic. Over the past decade as a result of the activities of the Polar marine hydrometeorological station, worked on White with 1935, on the island there are many buildings that gradually fell into disrepair.

Bottle with a message from Scotland 15 years, sailed across the sea and reached Russia 20.09.2016

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