The tabloid TMZthat first told the world about the collapse of Brangelina, announced the visit of FBI agents to a house in Malibu, where he currently live Angelina Jolie and her six children.

The sources claim that two agents spent in the house more than three hours. As reported, this is not a formal investigation – so far Bureau gathers facts to determine whether the reason for the proceedings. The agents had intended to discuss with Angelina Jolie and children the events that occurred during travel on the plane and became the reason for divorce actress with brad pitt, but in the end much of the talk was devoted to the location of the aircraft during the incident. This has implications for determining which jurisdiction is responsible for conducting the investigation.

After it became known that brad pitt was able for the first time in more than a month to meet with senior foster son, 15-year-old Maddox. Sources close to angelina Jolie, announced that the meeting was held in the presence of the therapist. Pitt has previously communicated with the other five children, but not with a teenager, which, it was alleged that he hit.

Earlier it was reported that pitt and Jolie had agreed to proposed by the Department for children and families of Los Angeles a temporary plan that Jolie is entrusted to temporary physical custody and pitt gets visitation rights. Sources confirmed to TMZ that the actress still insists on the divorce, but would like to participate in the education of children equally with my ex-husband.

Brad pitt met with the eldest son after Angelina Jolie spoke to the FBI agents 20.10.2016

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