In Brazil continues to grow, the number of cases of microencephaly – born children with very small head and underdeveloped brain from mothers infected with the virus of Zeke. Since October, such cases were registered about four thousand. For the last week their number has increased by about 400, reports the BBC Russian service.

Statistics allows us to talk about the biggest virus epidemic in the history of Brazil. Yesterday the Ministry of health of Brazil has published a report, according to which from 22 October 2015 to 16 January 2016 in the country was born 3893 child with signs of microcephaly, a disease which is associated with the epidemic of zika virus.

In the previous report, which was submitted on 9 January, it was about 3530 newborns. In 2014, the number of children with symptoms of microcephaly, who were born in Brazil, did not exceed 150, reports TASS.

As reported in the Ministry, for the specified period in the country, there were five cases of death of newborn babies from the virus. In 44 cases, infant death experts only assume that the reason could be Zeke.

Scientists have proven that the virus can be transmitted from mother to child through the placenta. However, how exactly this happens remains to be seen. According to one hypothesis, the transmission of the virus occurs via immune cells, according to the Brazilian TV channel Globo.

Scientists also believe that children born from mothers infected with zika virus, can suffer not only microcephaly but also many other diseases, according to Agencia Bracil.

Doctors are sounding the alarm and in neighbouring Colombia, where the number of cases the virus is more than 13, and in Bolivia, where the virus was recently detected for the first time in a pregnant woman.

In connection with these facts, last Friday the center for combating viral diseases of the United States recommended that pregnant women not to travel to Latin American countries, where cases of the virus.

A warning for Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, French Guiana, Haiti, Honduras, Martinique, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Suriname, Venezuela and Puerto Rico.

Recently the first case of zika fever was registered in Taiwan. Infection found 24-year-old citizen of Thailand who came to the island to find work. On 10 January he was detained at the airport with suspicious symptoms. After that, the man was hospitalized in a local hospital. There he took the tests. Later the doctors confirmed the patient the presence of virus, reports The Bangkok Post.

The zika virus is incurable. Today, the only way to counter it is to fight its spread by mosquitoes. Scientists propose to genetically modify these insects. The males are modified so that their offspring die at a young age – before the onset of the ability to reproduce, reports

Brazil swept the largest epidemic of zika virus – thousands of children were born with a small head 21.01.2016

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