Brazilian tourist dropped a wooden statue of the XVIII century, making the selfie at the National Museum of ancient art in Lisbon. In the administration of companies said that have already indicated to the authorities on the skills shortage, which is fraught with such incidents. Experts trying to find out whether it would be possible to restore the broken pieces on the figure of the Archangel Michael.

“Sunday morning, a Brazilian tourist has taken a step back to catch the best angle for a selfie, and accidentally touched the Baroque sculpture of wood” – confirmed representatives of the Museum of the Portuguese edition of the DN.

The incident occurred in a newly open gallery. According to representatives of the companies, no one was hurt and the statue was sent to specialists, who hope to restore it. Exhibition hall, where the figure of the Archangel Michael, is temporarily closed.

As the newspaper notes, the incident took place on the first Sunday of the month, when according to tradition the entrance to the Museum is free. One of the visitors, who witnessed the tragedy, have posted pictures of the broken statues in Facebook, noting that the damage caused to the work of art is the price we pay for free access to the exhibition. Later the post was deleted, however the photo taken by Nuno Miguel Rodriguez, has published British The Daily Mail.

According to Teresa, Bizzaro, adviser of the Ministry of culture of Portugal, at first glance, the damage caused by the statue, is reversible. After the restoration of the sculpture can find a new, not-so-busy place.

Wooden sculpture, Dating between 1765 and 1790 years, was established in Lisbon, and according to Museum staff, is a good example of national monumental art of the time. Originally the statue was intended for College of St. Patrick in Lisbon, which was sustained by Irish missionaries. If the fall had damaged mainly the mantle and the wings of the Archangel.

The Museum of ancient art, according to the Ministry of culture of Portugal, is the second most visited in the country. The Director of the Museum recently applied to the authorities, pointing to lack of personnel, 82 showroom service only 64 of the caretaker.

Brazilian tourist doing a selfie, broke the statue of the Archangel Michael in the Lisbon Museum of ancient art 09.11.2016

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