The authorities of Denmark and Canada still cannot resolve the territorial dispute around the island Hans, which lies in the North-West passage separating Greenland and the canadian island Elsmar. However, as noted, competition between countries is reduced to an unusual rule – “Bring your bottle,” writes The New York Times.

In 1973, Canada and Denmark are unable to build an international border through the Strait Nersa, as right in the middle of it there is a Hans island, located within the 12-mile zone from the coast of both States. In 1984, the canadian troops arrived on the island and have posted a canadian flag and a bottle of canadian whiskey, the newspaper notes.

Shortly thereafter, the Danish Minister for Greenland has replaced the canadian characters a Danish flag and a bottle of Danish schnapps and left a message: “Welcome to the Danish island”. For decades the Canadians and the Danes regularly frequented the island to replace its flag and my flag, bottle and a bottle, left the neighboring country, says the article, which quotes InoPressa.

“In 2005, Canada and Denmark have agreed on the process of determining the status of Hans island, but since then the diplomats have moved very far. Hoping to contribute to the talks, the two scientists in 2015 proposed to use policy tools real estate agents: make the island “a condominium”, located in joint ownership, under two flags, and, perhaps, under the two bottles,” – noted journalists.

The territorial dispute between Denmark and Canada going on for decades. Small, rocky and uninhabited, Hans island itself is not particularly valuable, but the country, which will prove their claim to Hans, get control of the Strait, which will significantly cut the transport ships through the Arctic, and the state controlling it, will be able to earn billions of dollars. The more that Strait in the course of global warming gradually loses its ice cover.

So far, the conflict over Hans island have stalled. Danish and canadian expeditions periodically landed on Hans, exposing where their national flags, not forgetting before that to remove the opponent’s flag. In opposition was canadian Minister of defense, who landed on the island, has caused the protest from the official Copenhagen. Both countries claim that Hans refers to their continental shelves.

“Bring your bottle”: Denmark and Canada have stalled in solving the territorial dispute around Arctic Islands 08.11.2016

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