The UK is planning to move tanks, drones and 800 military personnel in Eastern Europe. It is expected that this will be the first of several maneuvers of NATO in the region, amid growing concerns about possible threats from Russia.

As stated by the Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain Michael Fallon, Royal troops will be stationed in Estonia in the spring of 2017. They will join the forces of France and Denmark, reported yesterday by The Wall Street Journal.

The structure of the formation will be the drones, the British tank “Challenger-2″ (Challenger 2) and infantry fighting vehicles, said Fallon. According to him, the battalion will have a defensive character, but at the same time, will be fully operational.

Fallon explained why Britain to deploy its forces in Estonia: “we are Talking about two things: gaining confidence, and this should be made an impressive presence, and deterrence. It’s not just the boom, is a serious military presence.”

According to Fallon, throwing the Baltics heavy, well-armed groups, NATO is trying to show that not just places small units, increasing military presence of NATO in the region, but gathers strength, which could make a real protection of these areas. Earlier media reported about the plans of Britain to redeploy its forces in Eastern Europe, but not known their exact number.

At the NATO summit on 8 July 2016 the decision was made to deploy four more battalions , NATO is in Eastern Europe – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. To send its troops to four Eastern countries of the Alliance agreed the United States, Britain, Germany and Canada. In September it became known that NATO deploy deterrent forces in Poland and the Baltic States in may 2017.

It is expected that Canada, Germany and the United States will publish details of the planned deployment of forces of the Alliance on Wednesday, October 26, during a meeting of military leaders of NATO. According to the WSJ, the United States will deploy a battalion of armored combat Stryker wheeled vehicles from Germany to Poland as part of NATO forces. “We expect a sustained challenge from the East, from Russia, given their military activity,” said U.S. Ambassador to NATO Douglas Lute.

On the eve of the Ministry of defense of Norway confirmed their readiness to place at a military base Vernes around a thousand kilometers from the border with Russia, 330 U.S. Marines. The Ministry clarified that the transfer of the military is primarily for joint exercises. The Marines will arrive in Norway from the USA on a rotational basis in January 2017.

Britain in the spring of 2017, will transfer 800 soldiers and tanks in Estonia 26.10.2016

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