In a London criminal court old Bailey on Wednesday handed down a guilty verdict in the criminal case against 41-year-old chef Stephen Port. He was a serial rapist and murderer. The port brought the victims to unconsciousness. His actions affected more than ten young men, and four of them died.

Only Stephen Port, who worked as a cook in the dining room of the bus fleet, was accused on 22 counts (including four murders, eight rapes in various forms, 10 cases of illegal use of drugs). Victims in the criminal case are 11 men. Three counts of rape was acquitted by the Port, writes The Guardian.

It is established that Steven Port killed 23-year-old student designer from hull, Anthony Walgate, 22-year-old native of Slovakia Gabriel Kovari, 21-year-old chef Daniel Whitworth and 25-year-old forklift truck driver Jack Taylor. All the fallen unites distinctive appearance: they looked like teenagers.

Four men were killed within 15 months. In all criminal episodes the criminal left the same “handwriting”. The victim was invited on a date, and then mixed into his drink so-called date rape drug (GHB – ghb, it is also called “liquid ecstasy”). When the victim lost control over himself and raped her. Then it was death from an overdose of a potent drug.

The first victim was, Walgett. The man’s body was found in June 2014 not far from the apartment where lived Steven Port. Other victims were found at the nearby cemetery where they were moved after death. Mobile phones have killed was stolen.

Despite a lot of General details, the police for a long time could not establish a connection between these crimes. And this despite the fact that the corpse of Whitworth was found a fake suicide note in which he admitted the manslaughter Covary during sex. It later transpired that the message had been written by the Port, to let the detectives on a false trail.

The police have confidence in homosexual Stephen Port. On the contrary, worked through the version according to which he could deal with the victims on the grounds of homophobia.

Also it is not excluded that Stephen, the Port may be involved in other killings. After four years in London under mysterious circumstances, including from an overdose of GHB, died 58 people.

At the same time employees of Scotland Yard searching for those who could suffer from the insidious actions of the rapist, but remained alive.

It is noteworthy that Stephen Port was detained by police in June 2014, after the first murder. Then he was convicted of perjury. It was also found that the Port hired Walgate just before his murder to provide escort services.

Port was accused of trying to impede the investigation and released on bail. In August and September, Steven has made two more kills. In March 2015, the Port was convicted of perjury and sentenced to eight months in prison. However, in June he was released on parole and ordered to wear an electronic bracelet. This did not prevent Stephen to kill in September 2015, Taylor.

The police were going to apologize to the families of the victims because investigators were not able to quickly catch the criminal. However, the relatives of Jack Taylor, who became the last sacrifice, are preparing to file a lawsuit and accuse the guardians of the law of negligence.

Sister of the deceased Donna and Jenny believe that the police immediately considered the death of their brother’s accident. They decided that Jack was a drug addict and a homosexual.

Relatives of the murdered human rights defenders believe that the investigators might with great attention to detail and be efficient, if the victims were female and middle class.

As part of the investigation failed to establish the identity of the drug dealer who sold the Port of GHB. Supplier poison was 48-year-old Peter Hirons. In early November, he was sentenced to 2.5 years of imprisonment.

The rapist was a collector of toys and he was afraid of rape

Stephen Port was obsessed with pornographic commercials with scenes of rape helpless people, pumped potent drugs. The attacker registered on the Dating sites for gays (e.g. Grindr), and then looking for potential victims among men with effeminate and cute appearance. While Dating Port injected the victims of drugs through the anus or mixing GHB in drinks.

In some cases, the Port was removed of rape victims on camera. In the mobile phone of the suspect found 83 of the roller. Six of them demonstrate the sex of the Port with men in an unconscious state.

On their web pages (only have Port 25 accounts under different names) Stephen positioned himself as “absolutely gay”. He tried to look younger than their years, and the bald spot on his head covered by a wig.

According to the sister of the accused, Sharon, Stephen grew up shy and quiet teenager. He was bullied in school. Later the Port I told my parents that he is attracted to men. He was very upset with his mother, said Sharon.

The port has entered the College of the arts, but studied there only a year because the family could not pay for further education. An important source of income the young person was prostitution. For hours, Steven could make a escort services 150 pounds per night – £ 350. The money he spent on buying gadgets, driving cars and collecting toys-transformers.

Going to the clients, the Port has always complied with the precautionary measures. He used only his own lube and condoms, and refused to eat or drink, we offer you sexual partners.

British chef who drugged and raped young men, convicted of four murders 25.11.2016

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