The UK Ministry of defence raised the alarm at the air force fighters “Typhoon” (Typhoon), located at the Scottish base in Lossiemouth, having received a signal about the discovery of two Russian aircraft near the airspace of the United Kingdom over the Atlantic ocean, reports Reuters.

According to the military establishment of great Britain, the Russian bombers Tu-160 were seen the night before. Fighters air force of great Britain escorted the Russian aircraft until they left the area near the airspace of the United Kingdom.

Note that this is the second such incident in the last six months. In may, Typhoon fighters of the Royal air forces of great Britain were raised to intercept two Russian bombers that came near the air space of the United Kingdom, North Scotland. The aircraft were identified as Russian, not managed to cross the border in the UK.

The day before Britain announced on the interception of Russian spy plane near the airspace of the Baltic States. Russian reconnaissance aircraft were detected in international airspace near Estonia, adjacent to the area where took place the biggest NATO military exercises.

In late July, the British defense Ministry has published photos of ten Russian planes that were intercepted on July 24 during a patrol by fighter aircraft “Typhoon” of the airspace of the Baltic States in the framework of the NATO mission.

Then, according to the military establishment of the United Kingdom, 10 were intercepted Russian aircraft: four su-34, four MiG-31 fighter jet and two military transport aircraft An-26. According to the defense Ministry, the aircraft was performing a routine workout.

The statement that Russian military aircraft are in dangerous proximity to the state borders of other countries, do not only the British authorities. In October, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Turkey has accused Russia of violating the airspace of their country. Turkish air force raised the alarm in the air two fighters F-16S. According to the Turkish Foreign Ministry, in protest against violations of the airspace of the Russian Ambassador was summoned to the office in Ankara. There has opposed such actions by the Russian Federation.

In September the Japanese foreign Ministry expressed protest to the Russian Embassy in Tokyo over the violation of air space. The day before the Japanese defense Ministry announcedthat in Japanese airspace near the Nemuro Peninsula entered the plane, belonging to Russia.

Late last year NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announcedthat the air forces of the Alliance in 2014 had to intercept Russian military aircraft over 100 times. In 2013, he said, such incidents occurred only 30 times. A similar trend was noted also in Japan: from 1 April 2013 to 31 March 2014 due to the approaching Russian air force, the Japanese aircraft flew 259 sorties on alert that 111 sorties more than the previous year.

British fighter jets intercepted two Russian bombers near its borders 21.11.2015

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