Prime Minister of great Britain Theresa may, the four refused to answer questions about the failed launch nuclear missiles Trident, reports the BBC. Mae did not mention the results of the test, speaking in Parliament before the vote on the multi-billion dollar renewal program. Surely deputies voted “for”.

One of the most experienced interviewers BBC Andrew Marr tried to ask Mei if she knew about the problems during the test, which took place a few weeks before the debate in Parliament. The Prime Minister said that “full confidence in the Trident missiles”. Also she went to answer three more questions about the same.

That rocket launch at the Trident submarine Vengeance test off the coast of the United States were not, contrary to statements of the Ministry of defense, successful, wrote the newspaper The Sunday Times.

The launch was made in June 2016 off the coast of Florida, and the rocket after exiting the water headed for US shores. She was not equipped with a warhead. SkyNews draws attention to the fact that test runs expensive “Trident” can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Previously each of the tests was the reason for the number of press releases in which the defense Ministry told about the reliability of the system of nuclear defense. In contrast, the summer run was summarized as “successful”, details were not presented.

The Sunday Times claims that the military and the government got a huge panic, and eventually the incident decided to hide. Information, as of Sunday evening, not denied.

Long the incident caused major public outcry due to the fact that in a few weeks in July, in the House of representatives of the British Parliament passed a vote on the fate of the Trident missiles. Then, not knowing about the test results, the deputies supported the program of modernization of the Trident (submarine are part of it) – for it was given to 472 votes against 117. The program costs 31 billion pounds (about 38 billion dollars).

It is expected that next week the British defense Secretary Michael Fallon is summoned to the House of representatives to report about the incident.

British Prime Minister may four times refused to answer questions about the failed launch nuclear missiles. 22.01.2017

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