In the UK this coming weekend at the so-called open prisons (with a mild regime of detention) will begin to introduce a ban on Smoking for prisoners. However, it is the decision of the authorities already encountered the resistance of prisoners. They even threaten to wreak havoc, if they were not allowed to “smoke” as before, transfers TV channel SkyNews.

First, the prohibition will apply to prisons located in England and Wales. But in the future it will be extended to other regions, and over time, Smoking will be banned and the inmates of the prisons with a strict regime. In this case, the chances of the emergence of mass protests involving smokers-criminals will be especially high.

Meanwhile, to prevent riots in prisons is becoming more difficult due to reductions of personnel in penitentiary establishments.

In the editorial office of the TV channel appeared to be several letters written by prisoners. The authors warn that Smoking bans will inevitably cause protests. “If this ban is introduced, there will be an outbreak of violence. You can trust me,” reads one message.

“They think they can force us to quit Smoking… let’s See what happens,” writes another prisoner.

The author of the third letter argues that the convicts are already preparing retaliatory measures.

We will add that about three-quarters of British prisoners are heavy smokers.

Currently convicted, according to the internal regulation, have the right to smoke in cells and the exercise yards. However, in order to improve the health of the nation, the government has decided to ban Smoking in all indoor premises 136 prisons in England and Wales.

According to 55-year-old former inmate Noel Smith, who committed nearly 60 offences and was imprisoned for 32 years, “Smoking is the only inalienable right, the remaining convicts”.

From January 2016 the Smoking ban will be introduced in all prisons in Wales. And from March 2016 it will apply to four prisons in England: in Exeter, Channings’s wood, Dartmoor and Erlestoke.

We will add that for no Smoking was made by the Association officers. There to justify their position care about the health of prison staff who become “passive smokers” in the workplace. While the Association understands that the ban may result in even greater risks to life and health officers, if he breaks out riots.

“We fear (the possible consequences) but should try (ban) for the health of prison staff and inmates,” said Deputy Secretary General of the Association of supervisors Joe Simpson.

The authorities also promise to help prisoners in the fight against harmful habit. They, in particular, will be allowed to use electronic cigarettes. Officials also cite the successful experience of Canada and New Zealand, where prisons have become a zone free from Smoking.

On the other hand, in the Australian prison last summer, a riot broke out because of the Smoking ban. In the riots involved up to 300 people.

British prisoners threaten the authorities with riots if they banned Smoking 30.10.2015

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