English playwright Christopher Marlowe, who lived in the late 16th century, was the co-author of some famous works of William Shakespeare, and his name will be first mentioned as such in the new three-volume edition of the plays of the greatest English language writer of Oxford University Press, reports The Guardian.

As reported by the publisher, the name Marlo as a co-sponsor will appear on the title pages of the three dramatic trilogy of “Henry VI,” which will be released in October this year. Such adjustments shall be made in accordance with the results of the research of the group of 23 scientists from five countries under the leadership of Gary Taylor, John Jowitt, Terri Borus and Gabriel Egan.

“The common view in society is that Shakespeare no one cooperated, and when in 1986 the experts suggested that eight of Shakespeare’s plays contain the texts of other authors, some people were just outraged. Since then, the availability of expertise, new methods and resources allow us to clearly establish that in 1986, we underestimated the amount of work of Shakespeare, made in collaboration with co-authors,” explained Taylor.

According to him, modern scientists were able to establish that the number of such plays, on which Shakespeare worked not one, reaches 17 out of 44. “We managed quite definitely and clearly establish the presence of Marlowe in the plays of the trilogy “Henry VI,” – said the expert of American University of Florida.

Christopher Marlowe – English poet and playwright of the 16th century, a contemporary and rival of Shakespeare. Literary historians have long speculated about their influence on each other. There are also conspiracy theories which have been ascribed to Marlowe some of the works known under the name of Shakespeare.

According to his official biography, William Shakespeare was born April 23, 1564 in the family of a craftsman in the town of Stratford-on-Avon. The most famous works of the writer are the Comedy “a Midsummer night’s Dream” tragedy “Romeo and Juliet”, “Othello”, “King Lear” and “Macbeth” as well as sonnets.

The end of his career in London, Shakespeare was able to buy himself a knighthood and a house in Stratford. Shakespeare died on 23 April 1616, his 52nd birthday.

About the life of Shakespeare collected a lot of conflicting information. However, it is known that on 27 November 1582, 18-year-old William married the girl who was his senior by eight years. Soon they had a daughter, and subsequently two more children. Reliable data on the life of Shakespeare in the next 7-8 years there.

It is believed that in his youth Shakespeare was first an assistant butcher. He had to leave Stratford because he killed that deer in the possession of sir Thomas Lucy of Charlecote.

Shakespeare went to London and at first earned a living by that watched at theatre of the horses. Later Shakespeare began to serve in the theatre: he saw to it that the actors in time stepped on the stage, copied roles, was sometimes replaced with a breather. After a few years he began to charge a small role.

Soon Shakespeare began to write plays. Since 1595 it is referred to as the co-owner “of the Troupe of Lord Chamberlain,” and after four years as co-owner of the globe theatre. A few years later, Shakespeare returned to Stratford and began to live in the house bought with my theatre work, where he died April 23, 1616.

British scientists have found a co-author of a Shakespearean trilogy of “Henry VI” 24.10.2016

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