Researchers from Stirling University in Scotland, argue that even a few head bumps the ball disturb the activity of the brain and impair memory, reports BBC Russian.

Their work, published in the journal EBioMedicine, for the first time establishes a direct impact of the shock the ball on the brain of the player.

Scientists say that after 20 consecutive hits his head on the ball in the brain, found “small but significant changes”: the memory function is reduced by the amount from 41 to 67%, then recovers within days to its previous level.

“Considering what vast numbers of people around the world play this game, it is very important that they be aware of how the sport affects their brain and what it can have consequences” – warns one of the authors of scientific works of neuroscientist Magdalena Ietswaart.

The researchers limited the study of short-lived effects on brain games, so it is impossible to say how a stronger negative effect as a result of regular football game.

British scientists have identified the negative effects of the game head football 24.10.2016

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