Forward SKA St. Petersburg Ilya Kovalchuk could spend in the NHL a couple seasons at a good level, said in an interview with the Agency “R-Sport” former teammate Russian player in “new Jersey”, the legendary canadian goalie Martin Brodeur.

Kovalchuk’s contract with SKA will expire in spring 2017. Member of Board of Directors SKA Alexander Medvedev said earlier that the club was in talks with the 33-year striker to extend the contract. In 2013, Kovalchuk broke the agreement with “NJ” and signed a contract with SKA.

“Who knows, Kovalchuk will be back or not. Alexander Radulov returned to the NHL, although he’s a bit younger. I think Kovalchuk will be harder to find a club in the NHL because of the whole “new Jersey”, terminated the contract. “Devils” still own the rights to Ilya, and it is unclear what his current status is a free agent or not. But Ilya is a very good player, and another year or two in the NHL he could hold at a good level. Of course, nobody will offer him a contract for 5 years at this age, but a year or two… Why not?” said Brodeur.

“Personally, I have from playing with Kovalchuk left the most pleasant memories. We got to the Stanley Cup finals in 2012, although Ilya was playing with a serious back injury. It is worthy of respect,” concluded the former goalkeeper of the national team of Canada.

Brodeur believes that Kovalchuk could spend two more seasons in the KHL at a good level 05.11.2016

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