The Bulgarian government decided to change its official candidate for the post of head of the United Nations (UN) Irina Bokova. Instead, the new candidate countries will become Vice-President of the European Commission Kristalina Georgieva, said on Wednesday, September 28, at the government meeting Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, reports the local Agency BGNES.

Foreign Minister of Bulgaria Daniel Mitov said that the solution to the deteriorating position of the Side in the preliminary vote. First, it ranked third, and then fifth. According to the results of the fifth round, held on September 26, Bokova received six votes for and seven against and two members voted to abstain. The result of the Bulgarian candidate has taken only the sixth place, according to

The leader of the fifth round, as the previous one, was the former Prime Minister of Portugal, antónio Guterres, who received 12 votes. His closest rivals with eight votes was former foreign Minister of Serbia, Vuk Jeremic, and the Slovak Republic Miroslav lajčák. The next voting will take place on 9 October.

However, before the fifth round, September 13, Boyko Borisov promised that if Bokova will not take to vote on 26 September one of the two first places, the government will consider replacing her candidacy for another, recalls the website

Bokova did not give up, Georgieva predicts “a difficult war of compromising materials”

“We made a huge effort, not only we, but the administration of President, Ministry of foreign Affairs, Irina Bokova, but it fell one point below,” – said Borisov on September 28 announcing the decision to change Bokova. He noted that, in the opinion of the government, Kristalina Georgieva will be a more successful candidate.

Mitov, in turn, noted that “the Bulgarian government should give a chance to a candidate who has more chances to win. “We have to thank our candidate (Irina Bokova), but must be approached responsibly and make the decision to support the Bulgarian government’s Kristalina Georgieva,” said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Bulgaria, radio Darik.

Kristalina Georgieva has not ruled out the possibility of his participation in the election of the UN Secretary General. However, she rejected the opportunity to be nominated by any other country, except Bulgaria. “I’m not looking for support (from other countries) and don’t want to be sent by another state, because this is my country, I love her” – quoted by BGNES Georgiev. She also urged the Bulgarian government to prepare for the “serious war of compromising materials”.

Meanwhile, Bokova made clear that it did not intend to withdraw his candidacy from the elections, said Euractiv. “With two candidates, Bulgaria will become a laughing stock. Internal and external pressure was misled by the Prime Minister,” she said.

“Putin’s Favorite”

Irina Bokova, who now heads UNESCO, was nominated as a candidate for the post of UN Secretary-General the permanent mission of Bulgaria to the UN on 11 February 2016. The media noted that Bokova who have received higher education in the Soviet Union, is a supporter and “darling” of Russian President Vladimir Putin, that causes great concern in the West.

Bokova’s candidacy caused a diplomatic scandal between Germany and Russia. In early September in the Bulgarian media there were publications about that German Chancellor Angela Merkel allegedly had to persuade Russian President Vladimir Putin to support, instead of the Side as a candidate from Bulgaria for the post of Secretary General of the United Nations Kristalina Georgiev.

The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova confirmed that the conversation on this topic between Merkel and Putin really was, but the position of Russia it is supposedly not affected. In Berlin the accusations of attempts to influence the decision of the Russian Federation in the selection of candidate for the post of UN Secretary General categorically denied.

Euractiv notes that prior to September 26, Bokova was leading in the preliminary vote among women candidates. A survey of Gallup International Bulgaria showed that her candidacy is supported by 64% of citizens of Bulgaria, reported the website

According to media reports, the decision to change the candidate for the post of UN Secretary General Prime Minister of Bulgaria adopted under pressure from the European people’s party and the George Soros Foundation. The powers of the incumbent head of the UN ban Ki-moon expire on 1 January 2017. As reports the website of the organization for the post of Secretary General claimed 11 people, including five women.

Bulgaria decided to change the candidate for the post of UN Secretary General: instead of “darling” Putin nominated EU Commissioner 28.09.2016

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