Despite the promises of the Deputy of the state Duma United Russia Sergey Zheleznyak, data
in 2012, that his children after training abroad, “come home and
will be useful to the country”, three of his daughters, who studied at that time for
border, at least two are still abroad, and
Anastasia Macclymont, nee Zhelezniak, you will soon get the right to
the citizenship of the UK. This is stated in the investigation Fund
the fight against corruption, published on the website in connection with
hearing about recommendations
the administration of the President of the Russian Federation officials to return the children to Russia.

The investigation conducted on open data from public posts and
profiles in social networks. The eldest daughter of Anastasia Zheleznyak, as
its profile
in LinkedIn, when finished in 2014, study in University of Queen Mary in
London, he entered the graduate school at another prestigious London
University of King’s College and has worked in BBC News assistant

In 2015, Anastasia Zheleznyak graduate course, but again not
he returned to Russia and married in London for his colleague at the BBC,
Scot by the name of Macclymont. In the photos posted
social networks, was captured the whole family, except for Sergei Zheleznyak. The authors
investigations FBC explained the reason for the words from the speech
Iron ore-father: “I have foreigners to work did not work, not because
I’m so conflicted but because they believed that have the right
to specify our country, how to live.”

Another Zheleznyaka daughter Elizabeth lives and works in London. It
graduated from English school and works as an Illustrator.

In 2012 iron ore is said to”echo
Of Moscow”
: “the family, as it were, here. There they study”. In
an interview with “Kommersant-FM” Zheleznyak promised: “Daughter…
he’s done, come back and be here to live, to work, to benefit
the country and society. But if, say, they along with me will be limited to
travel somewhere, then coming back early and still graduate here.”

“Daughters of the most Patriotic of the deputies to any Home
not going back again conclusion of the FBC. All he was saying
Iron ore about “he’s done, come back and be useful to the country”, – full
bullshit. They will not return, at least until their dad and his accomplices
sit in the Duma. They have always escaped from reality
occupied by United Russia is Russia, and there is no sense in it
located. They combine work with study, do not hesitate to post
assistant, do not think the British mercenaries, NATO and even create them

Note that the Zheleznyak mentioned his four daughters, three of which
I studied abroad. About the fate of two others in the investigation of the FBC are not

Sergei Zheleznyak 18 September 2016, was elected State Duma Deputy of the VII convocation, he is the Deputy Secretary General Council of “United Russia” and a member of the international Affairs Committee of the state Duma.

Founder FBK Alexei Navalny stressed that reserves the right of children Zheleznyak
personal life: “They do not blame their dad –
the Edinaya Russia is a crook and a chatterbox. They are not responsible
for my dad’s pseudo-patriotism and, as I sincerely believe, can live
to do, think about what you want and where you want.”

Another employee of the investigation Department of FBK Nikita Kulachenkov
wondered whether one of the photos of the daughter of ironstone,
posted in the social network, is excessively frivolous from the point of view of the Senator
Elena Mizulina, which is constantly fighting for morality.

I wonder, what will the Deputy Mizulina on this photo
the daughter of the Deputy Zheleznyaka?

Bulk found out that the daughter of iron ore, despite the promises of the father are not going to return from Britain 26.10.2016

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