John Kester from the American town of boulder Creek have decided to celebrate my birthday kayaking in the Bay at moss landing in Northern California. He just pushed off from the shore, when in a kayak, jumped curious and friendly otter. The animal took part in the journey, together with Kester and his wife Heather of Bath, all kind of showing that he feels in a boat like home.

Swim gala took place on Monday, November 28, reports KTVU. Travelers from Colorado noticed otters from afar. They tried not to approach to a distance less than 50 meters, so as not to disturb the animals. However, one otter swam right up to people and jumped on the nose of the kayak Kester.

“We just couldn’t believe it – she climbed into the boat,” – said Baths.

Otter his whole appearance showed that feels like home: rubbed his back, looked at the neighborhood and even tasted shoes Kester.

The birthday boy admitted to reporters that he was stunned of what is happening. He didn’t know what to do – remember that the animal did not touch, and I was worried not so much about himself, but about how not to hurt his passenger.

Some time Kester sat motionless, thinking that the otter will soon leave the kayak, but this did not happen. “She was happy just lying there,” added Vann.

For some time the couple spent in silence and stillness. Then the couple began rowing, and the otter, having made them part of the way, in the end jumped into the water and swam away. According to Kester, this was a large specimen-sized German shepherd – more than 35 pounds.

In Monterey Bay Kayak saying in detail instruct their clients on the occasion of the meeting with otter during the tour or independent travel. Just in the area of moss landing is home from 50 to 100 individuals.

“In this place people spend a lot of time on the water, and there are a lot of otters. The probability of encounters with animals is very big,” said biologist Jenna Bentall in the comments KSBW.

According to her, many vacationers do not know that otters can be dangerous as Wolverine. “After 15 years of studying sea otters in the wild I definitely would not want to be in a small boat with these animals. They have sharp teeth, they are carnivores, very intelligent animals that can be aggressive if they feel threatened”, she explained.

California friendly otter took part in a celebratory swim kayak 01.12.2016

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