The court found the wife of Mike Weinholtz, candidate for Governor of the U.S. state of Utah, guilty of possession of marijuana. As reported by CBS News, a few hours later after the decision, Weinholtz advocated the legalization of marijuana.

The gubernatorial candidate of the Democratic party USA convened a press conference at which he explained that marijuana eased his wife’s pain from a chronic disease of the spine. According to him, sometimes, because of illness, she spent the day lying in bed.

“What would you do if the man you love more than anything, was to make such a choice? Would you tell the police? You would have insisted that he stopped (to smoke marijuana. – Approx. and I would live with the pain, which can’t sleep at night?” asked, Weinholtz.

Earlier, the police found in their house about 900 grams of the drug. 61-year-old Donna Weinholtz pleaded guilty to possession of marijuana, agreeing to a plea deal. The judge sentenced her to a suspended term of one year and a fine of 3,800 USD. According to lawyers, this is a standard punishment for first offense of this kind.

“I, like many residents of Utah, made a conscious decision to use marijuana, knowing full well that it is against the law, said Donna Weinholtz. – I believe that the law will change.”

Utah medical marijuana is illegal, patients are allowed to use only the extract of plant that has no psychoactive properties. As noted by the BBC Russian service, about 60% of Utah residents are Mormons. On elections in the state traditionally benefit Republicans.

The stiffness of the anti-drug laws in Utah are aware of even some judges. So, in February of this year, former Federal judge of Utah Paul Cassell sentenced a man to 55 years in prison for marijuana, appealed to U.S. President Barack Obama to pardon the convicted person.

We will add that in December, 2015, President Barack Obama pardoned 95 prisoners convicted of crimes in the sphere of illegal drug trafficking. All in all, his initiative was eased 184 the punishment of criminals. This amount has not been pardoned during the reign of the last five presidents combined.

Candidate for Governor of Utah called upon to legalize marijuana after his wife was found guilty of possession of drug 19.10.2016

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