The leader of movement “Forward!” Emmanuel macron is sure that he will win the elections of the President of France.

“On Sunday we will win and this will be the beginning of new France”, – he said during a rally of his supporters in Paris on Monday.

Before the election his chances of reaching the second round is very high. According to surveys, the Macron is ready to vote 26% of the vote, whereas the candidate of the far-right marine Le Pen is 22.5%. The rating of the other candidates below. However, the growth in the popularity of Macron in the last couple of weeks had abated.

During the latest televised debate of presidential candidates that was held yesterday evening on France 2 TV channel, Emmanuel macron has tried to gain a few more points. He said that the attacks “will remain part of the daily life of the French in the coming years,” why France needs to confront terrorism on its territory and beyond its borders, particularly in Syria, as the terrorist attacks in France was a planned “Islamic state.”*

According to him, France should join the United States against the government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria, and go to precision attacks on warehouses of chemical weapons, reports TASS.

“I condemn the use of chemical weapons by Bashar al-Assad and I want, first, to take all measures within the framework of the UN security Council to condemn it and to take the necessary action, putting pressure on Syria. We need to continue this, and if I am elected, I will continue such efforts. Secondly, I am fully ready to take responsibility, probably within the coalition, for pinpoint strikes to destroy chemical weapons stockpiles of the Assad regime,” said macron.

He stated that, in General, endorses the unilateral US decision to strike targets in Syria. “I think that American intervention would be more successful if I had agreed with the allies in the coalition and was accompanied by the exchange of intelligence on this topic,” – said the politician.

In his opinion, Paris should support Washington’s actions.

Macron also noted that it is necessary to simultaneously search for a solution through diplomatic political negotiations “to put an end to the regime of Bashar al-Assad, without destroying the Syrian government as the biggest threat for us in the region is what is called a “failed state”.

Emmanuel macron believes that the Supreme leader of the country should create a special unit for the fight against grouping “Islamic state.”*

“As President of France, I’m on a fundamental objective – ensuring the safety of the French on the French territory and outside it. This will involve all law enforcement agencies, a lot of work to be conducted, in particular the intelligence services. If elected, I in the first weeks will create a special group under the President of France for the fight against “Islamic state”*. She is working around the clock, will be, in particular, to coordinate actions in this area,” said macron in an interview with radio station “France-enter”.

“Strengthening intelligence – is the key task in the fight against terrorism. In his election program, I have made suggestions on how to strengthen the territorial exploration of France and the best way to coordinate actions in risvegliare”, – said the candidate.

“The most serious challenge that will face France in the coming years is the struggle against terrorism. However, it is clear that to kill him fast – impossible,” – said the leader of movement “Forward!”.

Their intentions Makron trying to confirm real action and cooperation if not with the current occupant of the White house, at least with the former.

Thursday, April 20, a telephone conversation of Him with Barack Obama. “Obama appreciated the opportunity to get from Him information about his campaign and the important upcoming presidential elections in France. Obama remains deeply committed to this country,as a close US ally and leader, defending liberal values in Europe and around the world,” reads the letter released by the former head of the American state. Obama’s spokesman stressed that the former President did not want to speak in support of Macron.

In connection with the recent terrorist attack on the Champs Elysees, the presidential candidate of France, ex-Minister of economy Emmanuel macron has cancelled his trip to Rouen and Arras in the framework of the campaign, which was scheduled for Friday, April 21.

Note that the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo in the latest issue portrayed the candidate in presidents of France Emmanuel Makron in the way of the Yakuza. In one of the cartoons published in the magazine, macron’s back, turning his head sideways. On his back and shoulders flaunts a tattoo in the form of a colorful dragon, he’s holding the knives. From clothes to the ex-Minister of economy of France drawn only fundoshi, traditional Japanese men’s underwear. “Neither the right nor the left, without faith and law,” written next to the drawing.

Relations with Russia: gay and US agent

In early February, 2017, the Secretary-General of the French movement “Forward!”, led by the presidential candidate of France Emmanuel Macron, said that the favorite in the presidential race became the hero of the fake news and the object of attacks by Russian hackers.

He talked about the “hundreds if not thousands” of hacking attacks on computer systems of the headquarters, and stressed that “by a strange coincidence, all the attacks are carried out from Russia.” He noted that Moscow supports candidates marine Le Pen and françois Fillon, are not criticized in the Russian media.

After these accusations, the French President Francois Hollande has ordered to develop measures to protect the elections, and the Minister of foreign Affairs of France Jean-Marc Ayrault promised that the country will prepare a response against such States.

In the Kremlin declared groundless accusations of Russia’s involvement in these cyberattacks. Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that Moscow “categorically do not agree with such accusations, they are absolutely groundless.”

One of the leaders of electoral headquarters makarovskogo Munir Mahjubi in March, said in an interview with Sky Newsthat he had committed the cyber attack, which he linked with Russia, and the Russian media – RT and Sputnik is allegedly spreading false news about Him and support ultra news services who call to vote for marine Le Pen.

Radio “Freedom” stood out among stuffing information against Him the message that he’s gay, married to a woman 24 years older than him, which appeared in the French version of the Russian news Agency Sputnik in the form of “analysis of MediaShow”.

The same Sputnik in other news from February 14, suspected of Makron that he is an “agent USA” and guide the interests of the American financial circles.

In response to the outrage of the election headquarters of Macron, accusing Sputnik and RT in dissemination of untrue information about a candidate, RT released a statementin which he denied the charges, but complained that “any news that someone does not like it, may be called the fake news”.

According to surveys, the Makron, winning in the first round, continues to lead in the second round, in which, according to estimates, can score 64% against 36% of the votes in favour of Le Pen.

*”Islamic state” (ISIS) is a banned terrorist organization

Candidate for the French presidency Emmanuel macron promised voters strikes against ISIS*, the reorganization of intelligence and security in the country 21.04.2017

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