The candidate in presidents of France, the leader of the party “national front” marine Le Pen, who on the eve of elections began to lose positions in a rating of popularity of candidates repeated big promises about the future of France in the European Union, in Schengen and in NATO.

Speaking on Thursday night in last TV debate of candidates in presidents of France on the channel France 2, Le Pen declared that intends “to restore French sovereignty in the four most important issues: border security because the French have the right to decide whom to let myself; oversee the adoption of laws, because it is the basis of democracy; the control of economy to conduct Patriotic protectionism, while the EU forbids it; and the return of the national currency.”

According to her, the return of border control is necessary in order to curb the flow of illegal migrants. “And if we don’t regain control of the borders, this wave can’t stop”, – said Le Pen.

Again speaking about the exit from the Euro zone, she expressed confidence that this will contribute to the growth of employment and competitiveness of France and does not lead to higher prices, reduced wages, or lower level of welfare. “The return to a national currency a great number of advantages”, – quotes its RIA “Novosti”.

In the event of his victory in the elections the leader of “National front” plans to hold a referendum on withdrawal of France from the European Union in the first half of 2018.

According to the Director of the election headquarters head of the “NetFront” David Rachline, such withdrawal will be organised with European partners of France and authorized by the referendum.

Le Pen is going to end and globalization of the French economy.

In addition, she promises to reconsider the role of France in NATO, considered the possibility of cooperation in defense sphere with countries that share the interests of Paris in strengthening security in Europe. Le Pen questioned the active participation of Paris in the defense activities of the Alliance.

“Historically, NATO was created to protect against the USSR. The Soviet Union is no more, and this has led to the transformation of NATO. We question the need for active participation of France in the work of this organization, which today serves American interests in Europe”, – said the Director of the headquarters marine Le Pen.

“We want France regained full sovereignty in the military sphere and had the opportunity to protect their own interests, not the interests of the United States within NATO,” said David Rachlin, noting that the armed forces of France should be used only if it meets the needs of the country.

The representative of the “National front” noted that “this does not exclude bilateral cooperation with other countries, primarily European, when at stake is peace in Europe and if our interests coincide”.

Speaking about pre-election terrorist attack in Paris, marine Le Pen said that the French authorities for many years inefficiently and incorrectly led the fight against terrorism, reports TASS.

“The legal system of France has demonstrated its inability to really protect the French from the terrorists, it is mired in connivance criminals. I will introduce life imprisonment for the most serious crimes, in particular (for) the attempt on the life of citizens, cancel automatic reduction of the duration of the punishment will increase the minimum levels of punishment, will restore the reversed principle of double punishment for those who have already served in another country. Also, the prison system will be transferred from the Ministry of justice, Ministry of interior,” promised Le Pen’s speech which was broadcast via its page in Twitter.

She said that after coming to power, “will increase by 15 thousand the number of police and gendarmerie, will strengthen the ability of French intelligence services, in particular through enhanced international cooperation”. According to her, “will enhance the combat capability of the armed forces of France.” “The actions of French diplomacy will be aligned with our goals of armed struggle”, – said the leader “natsfronta”.

Le Pen has confirmed its intention in the country to ban radical Islamist organizations. “Will also be investigated with the aim of closing the cultural centres and associations that spread radical Islam and is funding its supporters. From France will be sent to radical preachers and mosques, leading this propaganda business,” promised the candidate.

About “Pro-Russian” position of Le Pen

As for the “Pro-Russian” positions Le Pen, visited in late March on an official visit to Moscow at the invitation of the state Duma, she promised in case of victory on elections to cancel entered against Russia sanctions, also met in the Kremlin with President of Russia. During the meeting Vladimir Putin has assured that “in no case” does not want to influence the election in France.

In February 2016, the Times reported that the party of marine Le Pen asked the Russian Bank loan in the amount of 27 million euros for the financing of the election campaign. A “First Czech-Russian Bank” (pcrb) in 2014, already issued the party a loan in the amount of 9 million euros.

In March 2017, Le Pen said that not receiving funds from Russia or of Russian banks.

According to some Russian experts, the recent terrorist attacks in France is able to strengthen the position of Le Pen in the upcoming election as in the election program of the candidate of the extreme right, the most clearly articulated
the anti-terrorist agenda. She’s clearly come out in the second round, as many of the voters now decide to vote for her.

Candidate for the French presidency, marine Le Pen at the last debate and vowed to stop migrants, to withdraw from the EU and the Schengen area and to redefine the role of NATO 21.04.2017

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