The Central election Commission of Russia on August 26 granted the application of Vladimir Molokini, who heads the regional group list of the Parnassus in the Duma elections in Bashkortostan, the withdrawal of his candidacy from the elections because of disagreement with the statements of the leaders of the list are Mikhail Kasyanov, Vyacheslav Maltsev against the leadership of the country, reports TASS. The CEC will prepare a formal response to the appeal of the candidate Vyacheslav Maltsev declaring the impeachment of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, which he voiced during the election debates on air of TV channel “Russia-1″, reports the Agency “Moscow”.

As reports “Mediamarket”, Mr Malekin do not agree with the statement Kasyanov and Maltsev that the leaders of the party lists of parties in the region all agree on the impeachment of Putin. “I arrived to the CEC at a meeting with Deputy Pamfilova by Sirotkina to send the statement of withdrawal from the party PARNAS and the statement to remove me from the elections to the state Duma. I totally disagree with this ideology Kasyanov, as it is contrary to the democratic development of the country. And so I have to conclude its election campaign. At the party Congress to nominate candidates this summer was too great discord in the party and to the Presidium entered Kara-Murza, who represents Khodorkovsky. And I believe that the party went completely to the interests of Khodorkovsky, and in doing his will, Maltsev and Kasyanov made a statement on the impeachment of President Putin. That, again, not exactly my idea of a democratic development of the country”, – said Malakin “MediaCore”.

As reported by “Kommersant”, in the elections to Kurultay of Bashkortostan in 2013, Mr Malekin participated from the Russian party of national management and has published a scandalous video that allegedly confirmed the fact of sale mandates from “an United Russia”.

22 August on the TV channel “Russia 1″ was held pre-election debates. Participated candidates of the state Duma from 14 parties, including Vyacheslav Maltsev from PARNASSUS. He criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin for economic policy and policy towards Ukraine and called for an impeachment. Maltsev also said on air: “Guilty boyars and Tsar is wonderful. If the king does not know what is happening in the country, he should be in the loony bin to plant. If he knows and does not stop it, he should be in jail. If he does and contributes, the count should be put of kings”. Later, Mikhail Kasyanov said that all the leaders of Parnas support the call for the impeachment of Putin.

As reported by “Lenta.Ru, the leader of biker club “Night wolves” and co-founder of the movement “Antimaydan” Alexander Zaldostanov also known as Surgeon, is outraged by the statements of Vyacheslav Maltsev, in the management of the country. Zaldostanov has promised to “hang tongue” of the candidate.

A list of PARNASSUS led by three of the candidate that make up the Federal part: the Chairman of the party Mikhail Kasyanov, blogger Vyacheslav Maltsev and Professor of history Andrei Zubov. As reported Мeduza, Maltsev stands for the Union of liberals and nationalists, and for this he is criticized by many party members.

Earlier, the Russian public does discuss the decision of candidates to deputies of the state Duma of Parnassus in the Krasnodar region to contact the Ukrainian Consulate to obtain a transit visa for a trip to the Crimea. In the text of the appeal in the name of the Consul General noted that the way policy is going to arrive on the territory of Crimea by land through Ukraine, “respecting the norms of not only national legislation but also international law.” Ukraine has denied this, and the candidates did not go to the Crimea.

Earlier, the Ministry of internal Affairs of Stavropol territory has begun to study the circumstances and causes of the attack on the Chairman of the party PARNAS Mikhail Kasyanov during a visit to the politician in the capital region. In Stavropol for a day on the candidate in deputies of the state Duma were made at once two attacks.

Duma elections will be held on 18 September under a mixed system: 225 deputies are elected on party lists and 225 in single – mandate constituencies. On 17 June, Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed the decree about appointment of elections, from this day officially started the election campaign. The election of the legislative Assembly will be held on 18 September in the 39 regions of the country in seven regions will be the direct election of senior officials, also planned to hold about five thousand municipal campaigns.

Candidate Parnassus was condemned by colleagues for calling for the impeachment of Putin and withdrew his candidacy from the elections 27.08.2016

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