One of the resources is prohibited in the Russian Federation the terrorist group “Islamic state” (ISIS, ISIL, DAISH) yesterday, November 9, was published addressed to the inhabitants of Russia 14-minute video containing footage of the beheading of captives children with Islamists. One of four captured on video children the right Russian warns the Russians that they will pay for intervention in Syria, according to SITE Intel Group, conducting media monitoring of the Islamists.

As the website explains, one kill “spies” of children is an Uzbek, and the second – the Russian, the other two are from Iraq. American website, Republique video, writes that the material filmed in the Iraqi “province” of ISIS and al-Jazeera in the North of the country. In the final part of it is explicitly mentioned the name of the Russian President.

First shows two children dressed in camouflage, according to the explanation of The Daily Mail, children’s camps is “Cubs of the Caliphate”. In front of them on their knees Teens in orange robes. One of the children of executioners, the older one, for almost three minutes delivers a threatening speech, then children kill their captives shot in the head. Penalty shot by three cameras – the front, top and sides.

This is followed by footage of two teenagers lead by the collar, leaning prisoners of twenty. A Russian teenager for whom Russian language is native, says looking into the camera: “Oh infidels of Russia, you have encroached on the land of ash-sham and you kill our sisters and brothers.” Then he threatens the Russians murder not only on Iraqi soil but also in Russia, calling Russian President Putin a “dog”, not able to protect its citizens. Then the teenagers at the same time shoot at the heads of their victims.

“Kafir” is Arabic for “infidels”, the non-Muslims and the land of ash-sham is an old Arabic name for the Levant (Syria).

#Russian child in #ISIS video: “O disbelievers Russian… We will kill you and nothing will save you from that dog Putin”.

Captured ISIS published video of execution of spies by children with Islamists. They threaten the Russians calling the Russian President a “dog” 10.11.2016

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