The Norwegian coast patrol aircraft the Lockheed P-3 Orion took photos of the ship aircraft carrier group of the Russian Navy, headed by aircraft-carrying cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov”, which is sent to the coast of Syria in the waters of the Eastern Mediterranean sea. As reported by The Localcarrier, the heavy nuclear missile cruiser “Peter the Great” and another six ships of escort on Monday passed a Norwegian island Andoya in the West of the vesterålen archipelago.

As told the newspaper VG the head of the Norwegian intelligence service Lieutenant General Morten Haga Lunde, over the last few years it was the most impressive demonstration of Russian military might in the Norwegian sea. Lund emphasized that although Norway is similar to the operation of the Russian Navy did not pose a threat, but they should be a reminder of the military resources possessed by Russia’s Northern fleet.

The Norwegian coast guard ship followed the Russian group from the Barents sea from Saturday, October 15. Then in Norwegian waters Russian ships will accompany class frigate “Fridtjof Nansen”.

Western States concerned about the scope of the military reinforcements sent to Syria by Russia. Norway and other NATO countries are currently closely monitoring the movements of Russian naval aircraft carrier groups. It is expected that the Russian warships followed in Syria, pass through the English channel and Bay of Biscay, through the Straits of Gibraltar and over the course of the week will be released in the Mediterranean sea and approach the coast of Syria.

Previously, the Western press wrote that the British Royal Navy is preparing for the passage of Russian ships passing the coast of Britain in the English channel. Last Saturday, the aircraft carrier group led by “Admiral Kuznetsov” and a rocket cruiser “Peter the Great” started from the Murmansk region. The press service of the Northern fleet did not give the exact number of ships, but merely pointed out that the group, in addition to “Admiral Kuznetsov” and “Peter the Great”, consists of the large anti-submarine ships “Severomorsk” and “Vice-Admiral Kulakov” and support vessels.

Ships of the Russian Federation needs to strengthen the group off the coast of Syria, and, as expected, the aircraft aboard the only Russian aircraft carrier would carry out strikes on terrorists. As reported, in the composition of the air group “Admiral Kuznetsov” – the MiG-29КР and MiG-29КУБР and su-33. In addition, for the carrier was preparing helicopter gunships Ka-52K “Katran” (naval version of Ka-52 “alligator”). The former chief of the General staff of the Russian Navy Admiral Viktor Kravchenko told Interfaxthat the ships can be in the Mediterranean within 10 days from the moment of departure.

The British media expressed fears that the path to the goal, the Russian military will conduct training bombing. It was reported that partners of Britain in NATO will track the movement of Russian aircraft carrier group by its banks. Wrote The Times, to monitor the Russian ships and to accompany group will be two ships of the Royal Navy destroyers HMS Duncan and HMS Richmond.

According to the magazine ISH Jane’s Defence Weekly, to meet Russian warships will be involved reconnaissance aircraft the RAF RC-135, anti-submarine patrol aircraft of the Royal canadian air force Sz-140 Aurora, anti-submarine and patrol aircraft of the US Navy P-8A Poseidon, which are placed at the air base in Lossiemouth in Scotland.

In addition, British Typhoon fighters will have to escort the Russian carrier-based combat aircraft MIG-29КР, MiG-29КУБР and su-33 if they will make training flights during the passage of the aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” near the British coast in the North sea. According to preliminary calculations, the ship group of the Northern fleet on Tuesday, October 18, come to the North East of the UK.

It is expected that to support the campaign of the Russian warships in the Mediterranean will also be attracted by the ships of the Netherlands, France and Spain. Western military sites suggest that, depending on the weather and driving speed and the duration of stay of the ship aircraft carrier group of the Russian Navy off the coast of Britain in the North sea, it passes through the English channel on the way to the Mediterranean on Thursday-Friday or at the latest Saturday.

Carrier group of the Russian Navy led by “Admiral Kuznetsov” on the way to Syria was impressed by Norway 18.10.2016

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