At a meeting with bankers organized by the Association of regional banks of Russia (Arbre) in a suburban complex “Bor”, representatives of the Central Bank provided statistical data showing that the volume of cash money in the country illegally and their output abroad fell by almost two times.

The Chairman of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina, reports “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, said that the amount of funds illegally withdrawn from Russia abroad in 2016 decreased 2.5 times – up to 180 billion roubles – in comparison with the year 2015, when the bankers brought 500 billion. “Interfax” and Reuters, citing Governor lead another figure of questionable transactions – 190 billion rubles.

“This does not mean that does not happen all the time, new scheme (withdrawal), more daring scheme, – said Nabiullina. – We have seen that when the regional banks begin to tighten requirements for customers conducting suspicious transactions, they go to the big banks. Therefore, by 2016, paid special attention to work with major banks and here we can also see positive trends.”

Central Bank will continue to consistently clean the banking sector from organizations that serve the informal sector, said the head of the regulator.

The volume of cash withdrawal has decreased by almost two times

The cost of cash withdrawal in Russia in recent years significantly increased, from 12% to 16%, and the size of this market fell 1.8% over the past year, said the Chairman of Bank of Russia Dmitry Skobelkin Thursday, February 9, speaking in the suburban boarding house “Bor”.

“It is much less banks that deal with cashing as it is dangerous, – Skobelkina quoted by RIA “Novosti”. – Obna reduce the volume by 1.8 times”.

“Much less, very little. Remains, of course, banks. Some of these egregious cases is not present, for the banks it is now unprofitable business, very dangerous. Even those banks who do this, now do not go to them customers, given the large percentage of encashment for up to 16%,” said Skobelkin.

The Chairman of the Central Bank reported that previously, the cost of cashing was 12%. According to him, basically for cashing passes through unorganized retail outlets.

The Central Bank wants to lift “banking secrecy” law enforcement

The downward trend in the volume of dubious transactions going back several years. In an interview with TASS, published today, Nabiullina said that “the process of recovery of the banking sector continues. “In my estimation, more than half the way we did,” she said.

TSB is developing the ability to share Bank secrecy with law enforcement to help investigate the case of fraud and the withdrawal of assets from Russian banks. “If an unscrupulous bankers go unpunished, and even run away with stolen money abroad, where they can’t get, then we are doomed that it will be repeated”, – said Nabiullina.

“Now, when we identify banks in the fraud, asset Stripping, we pass the materials to law enforcement. However, we are not entitled to transfer the information constituting Bank secrecy, although often asset Stripping, for example, is associated with the use of dummy accounts, affiliated companies, – has complained the head of the regulator.

This circumstance, according to her, “limits the ability of law enforcement agencies in establishing evidence of a crime, identifying suspects. In this case, the information constituting the banking secrecy, necessary for law enforcement, will allow us to take another step to ensure that the perpetrators was actually inevitable.”

Cases when the owners and managers of banks withdrawal of funds from banks, indeed there were many, noted the Chairman of the Central Bank. “The only problem can be partially solved by increasing the efficiency of supervision, what we are working on. But frankly fraudulent actions of our Supervisory methods to confront the impossible. We can’t work as an investigative Agency, we do not have neither the authority nor the tools. The fraud problem will not resolve without interaction with law enforcement. We began to actively cooperate with law enforcement, and the number of criminal cases filed by our cases has increased,” stated Elvira.

CB: volumes of cash and illegal money withdrawal has decreased by almost two times 15.02.2017

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