The Bank of Russia on July 14, withdrew the license for banking operations at JSC Regional investment banks “Investbank (OOO rikb Investbank”), registered in Ryazan in 1995.

Earlier the Bank asked the Central Bank to revoke his license, giving to the regulator a petition, and notified customers on its website.

Message Bank customers about interruptions in his work began to appear from the end of 2015. In the first quarter of 2016, the Bank received a loss of $ 27.8 million rubles despite the fact that a year earlier over the same period, his work brought a profit of 83.4 million rubles. The main reason for the losses – expenses on creation of reserves in the Central Bank.

In the regulator explained that the Bank is deprived of the right to work in the market of financial services in connection with default of the Federal laws regulating Bank activity, and statutory acts of Bank of Russia, repeated violation within one year of requirements of normative acts of Bank of Russia, the value of adequacy of own funds (capital) below two percent, decreased the amount of own funds (capital) below the minimum capital specified on the date of state registration of credit organizations, and also considering numerous application within one year of the measures provided for by law.

With a poor quality assets, ricb “Investbank” inadequately assessed in connection with these risks. The Bank has completely lost its own funds (capital).

In addition, the credit institution does not comply with the requirements of normative acts of the Bank of Russia in the field of combating the legalization (laundering) of incomes obtained in a criminal way and financing of terrorism in parts of the accurate and complete submission of information to the authorized body.

Finally, ricb “Investbank” was involved in dubious transactions.

Managers and owners of the credit institution did not take effective measures to normalize its activities.

In accordance with the order of the Bank of Russia in the “Investbank appointed a temporary administration of the validity period until the appointment of a liquidator or appointment of a liquidator. The powers of the Executive bodies of the credit institution in accordance with the Federal laws are suspended.

OOO rikb Investbank” – the participant of system of insurance of contributions. Revocation of license for banking operations is insured. The law provides payment of insurance compensation to depositors of the Bank, including individual entrepreneurs, in the amount of 100% of the remaining balance, but not more than 1,4 million rubles in aggregate per depositor.

The Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV) on Thursday informed that payments to depositors will begin no later than July 28, 2016.

According to statements by total assets, ricb “Investbank” 01.07.2016 was ranked 304th place in the banking system of the Russian Federation. In the I quarter Investbank” took 307 place in terms of assets in ranking “Interfax-100″ prepared “Interfax-TSEA”.

CBR revoked the license of a major Bank from Ryazan 14.07.2016

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