Former Finance Minister of Russia, head of Center for strategic development Alexey Kudrin has presented the forecast of socio-economic development that promises the doubling Russia’s GDP within 20 years, by 2035, reports TASS.

In accordance with the forecast Center for strategic research, the Russian economy will take the path of sustainable growth, which will demonstrate the performance, comparable with the global average. Thus, according to Kudrin and his staff, will ensure macroeconomic stability.

Center for strategic research (CSR), led by ex-Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin, predicts the doubling of Russia’s GDP by 2035 compared with the year 2016. The data contained in the CSR forecast to 2035, a copy of which is available on the TASS.

The authors of the document, prepared by experts of the CSR, together with economic development, based on implementation of complex of measures aimed at increasing investment, technological renewal, the development of competitive sectors of the economy, including due to the development of human capital and increasing productivity.

“In General, the proposed forecast assumes an exit of the Russian economy’s sustainable growth rate is not below average, while ensuring macroeconomic balance: GDP growth will accelerate from about 2-2,5% in the medium term to 4-4,4% 2025-2030 years. By the year 2025 compared to year 2016, GDP will grow by 30%, and in 2035 compared with the year 2016 – twice”, – the document says.

The transition to such economic growth, according to the CSR, implies an increase of investments in improving the quality and productivity of human capital, especially in education, health and science.

As explained by the Agency head of “macroeconomics” in CSR Pavel Trunin, the forecast laid growth as domestic investment in the economy, and external, which indicates the stabilization of the macroeconomic situation in the long term.

Speaking of the projected CSR oil prices, Trunin noted that in the final version of the socio-economic development of the CSR will focus on stabilization in oil prices at the current level.
“Nominal prices are likely to change in the level of inflation in the country economies, but in General prices stabiliziruemost and will be approximately at the current level,” – said the economist.

The centre’s experts also believe that this model of economic development an important growth driver will be the production of non-primary, including high-tech goods and services, an intensive development of new, modern economy.

Center Kudrin predicts the doubling of GDP over 20 years 07.11.2016

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