The Central election Commission of Belarus mistakenly published information about admission to the next stage of the election campaign for elections to the Parliament of the former candidate in presidents of the Republic, a fierce critic of President Alexander Lukashenko, Nikolai Statkevich. However, incorrect information was quickly corrected.

As explained by the CEC Secretary Nikolai Lozovik, the information on the website of the CEC on registration of the initiative group policy and some other citizens were the result of a technical failure. “We just made a technical mistake: of information was published about the submitted requests for registration is the registered group”, Lazavik said, as quoted by BelaPAN.

Table with data on registration of initiative groups was promptly removed from the site of the CEC, and then appeared again, but without the names of Statkevich.

Himself opposition called the incident a provocation. “Perhaps hoping that it will go unnoticed, then we observers from the OSCE says that the team recorded, and he has not collected signatures. Probably just wanted a little “play on nerves” by running such information,” suggested he.

The election of the house of representatives (lower house) National Assembly of Belarus will take place on September 11. One of the ways of nomination of the candidate is to collect at least a thousand signatures of citizens, which is registered to the group.

In total the district electoral Commission has registered 428 of initiative groups for nomination of candidates. Acceptance of applications ended last week, however, their consideration continues, writes Three applications were withdrawn, fifteen nominees in groups refused.

Mikalai Statkevich filed nomination documents at the 105-th Staravilenskaya electoral district in Minsk. However, the election Commission refused to register initiative groups to collect signatures for his nomination as a candidate due to the presence of a politician of conviction. Statkevich, commenting on the decision, said that now his unregistered party “Narodnaya Hramada” refuses to participate in the elections and urged fellow opposition members to do the same. He made it clear that he’s not surprised by the refusal of the CEC.

“The plans we had set in advance, and I told them: if the group is registered (with a probability of 1%), we are preparing a legal protest; the group is not registered (with a probability of 99%) – “Narodnaya Hramada” refuses to participate in elections and will appeal to other members of the opposition with a proposal to abandon it. Well, and focus on the preparation of protest actions”, – the politician said the Agency “BelaPAN”.

The CEC Secretary Mikalai Lazavik explained RIA of “news”that members of Parliament can run for the citizens of Belarus, permanently residing on the territory of the country not younger than 21 years and not have a criminal record.

Statkevich, who in 2010 ran for President of Belarus, was sentenced to six years imprisonment in the case on organization of mass unrest that erupted after the elections. In August last year, he prematurely released in connection with the pardon of the President.

As noted by the Russian service of the BBC, Lukashenka pardoned his opponent in the election in anticipation of the next presidential election “in the Wake of the attempts of the official Minsk to improve relations with the West to recognize the elections corresponding to democratic standards.”

Observers from the OSCE Office for democratic institutions and human rights (ODIHR) of the OSCE, while noting the progress in the organization and conduct of presidential elections in 2015 in Belarus, but democratic they are not recognized.

The European Union demanded from the Belarusian authorities to rehabilitate all prisoners and repressed for their political beliefs and criticism of the regime. In Minsk, but no action in this direction is not made – under the law the criminal records of Mikalai Statkevich will not be removed within eight years after his release from prison.

Central election Commission of Belarus reported the admission to the elections to the Parliament of the enemy Lukashenko 12.07.2016

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