In Latvia well-known former athlete Dmitry Kalinin committed suicide in Daugavpils Park of Dubrovin, committing self-immolation. The tragedy occurred on the night of October 26, but media information was only now, reports Delfi.

The state fire-saving service of city of Daugavpils received a call at 00:16 local time on the street street, but the scene at the monument of Eternal fire in Dubrovin Park, rescuers found a charred human corpse. Later it became known that the victim was a champion of Latvia 2005 triathlon – 29-year-old Kalinin.

Currently law enforcement agencies of Latvia studying the circumstances of the incident. According to senior specialist of Latgale regional police Department Ksenia Belova, an investigation has already begun. It is expected that in the near future examination will be carried out, however at this time there is no reason to believe that Kalinin died a violent death, said Belova.

Familiar Kalinin in conversation with journalists has told that recently the former athlete was seen problems with mental health and behaviour in public places. For example, this summer, police detained Kalinin in the city centre when he was running through the Park naked and scared people.

Note that before leaving the life Kalinin has posted on his page on the social network Facebook multiple images with symbols of the banned terrorist organization “Islamic state” (ISIS, ISIL, DAISH) and the message that he using foul language cursed the established world order.

“Dear friends, brothers, sisters, I welcome every decent person, regardless of denomination, profession, nationality, skin color, eye shape or any other characteristics. If You are reading this message, feel free to be sure that the process has started and there is no turning back” – Kalinin began one of his latest posts, say the journalists.

Champion of Latvia on a thriathlon has committed an act of self-immolation, leaving a suicide note with the symbols of the “Islamic state” 02.11.2016

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