The infamous French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo on 1 December this year will be published in the printed version in Germany in German language. It is expected that the first issue will be published a maximum circulation of 200 thousand copies, reports France 24.

Foundation materials for the room will be translations of the original articles published in the French weekly, and cartoons. The German edition is going to Supplement local issues of their own content, collaborating for this purpose, in particular, with the German satirists.

The choice in favor of Germany was made due to the fact that in this country the employees of the newspaper met recently better reception in various conferences, journalists said.

In addition, in Germany the “surviving issue” – the first issue of Charlie Hebdo published after the attack in the edition in January 2015, had the greatest success. Then in Germany, it sold about 70 thousand copies of the magazine, which was a record for Charlie Hebdo abroad.

In November, the newspaper published a caricature of us President Barack Obama on the results of the presidential elections in the United States. On the cover of the magazine, on sale November 9, Obama painted a fleeing shot at by the police. The picture is accompanied by the inscription: “Obama. Again a citizen like the others.”

The magazine Charlie Hebdo publishes cartoons on the current events politics and public life. The publication has been repeatedly criticized for risky choice of topics for cartoons, including in Russia. So, in November last year, the magazine published two cartoons on the theme of the crash of the Russian aircraft A321 in the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, which caused outrage in Moscow.

Charlie Hebdo launches German-language printed version of the magazine in Germany 24.11.2016

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