In the American city of Charlottesville (Virginia) entered a state of emergency due to clashes, reports TASS.
Early on Saturday morning in the city broke out in violent clashes with right-wing extremists by their opponents. The clashes began after the action of the organization “Unity of right”, during which the nationalists protested against decisions by local authorities to demolish the monument to the commander of the army of the Confederate States of America Robert Edward Lee (1807-1870).

At night they held a torchlight procession in the vicinity of the University of Virginia. Morning to disperse the demonstrations in Charlottesville attracted national guard soldiers.

According to the channel CBS, on the site of the collision currently, units of local police and national guard who are trying to push the protesters from the Emancipation garden in the town centre, where there was a planned action.

According to the TV channel, hundreds of right-wing activists, including members of the racist organization, the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazis involved in the clashes with those who oppose their actions and demonstrations.

According to the broadcaster Fox News, in speeches of radicals take part 6 thousand persons.
As reported by the state police, the law enforcement officers had to use force to disperse demonstrations. Arrests of people who disobey orders of the authorities.

The police reported that after an illegal gathering in the Park to the emancipation of the arrests were carried out.

The US President Donald trump called on the protesters in Charlottesville to end the violence and unite. A message he published on Saturday in the Twitter. “We all must unite and condemn all what is hatred. This violence has no place in America. Let us unite,” wrote trump.

The wife of the President of the Melania trump also urged the participants of the violent clashes to end the violence. “Our country encourages freedom of speech, but let’s communicate without hatred in our hearts. Violence to anything good will not,” wrote Saturday on his Twitter page.

A car careered into a crowd of demonstrators

On Twitter, Reuters has reported that a crowd of nationalists drove the car. According to witnesses, several people were injured. CNN, in turn, has published a video from the scene. According to journalists, the driver at full speed deliberately crushed people.

The local police almost simultaneously announced the collision of three cars in the city center at the intersection of water street and 4th street in the city centre. “It is reported several of the victims. People need to disperse, to allow the ambulance staff to the scene”, – quotes the statement of the militiamen TASS.

Whether these two incidents are not specified.

Video from the scene after car plowed into crowd at white nationalist rally in Virginia

Charlottesville in the us state of emergency after clashes racists with their opponents and the National guard under 13.08.2017

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