The speaker of the Parliament of the Chechen Republic Magomed Daudov has denied the information about preparing for a new rally in support of Ramzan Kadyrov on 6 March. According to him, this information is not true, reports the website “Caucasian knot”, the day before spread information about the upcoming mass action.

According to the head of the Chechen legislative Assembly, Kadyrov does not need rallies. “It’s just another nightmare in a dream “Caucasian knot” after the last millionth of the rally and most recently held the civil forum of the Chechen people, – quotes the Agency “Grozny-inform”. – Both there, and here our people expressed strong support for the political course of Vladimir Putin and his faithful companion of Ramzan Kadyrov. That is enough”.

The press Secretary of Chechen leader Alvi Karimov also said that he “did not know” about impending shares on 6 March, the radio station “Moscow speaking”.

Before the “Caucasian knot” reported that in Chechnya, cook forced a rally in support of Kadyrov. Earlier he urged his supporters not to support mass actions, however, some informed sources affirm that such an event cannot be held in the Czech Republic without approval from senior management.

According to these data, a warning about preparing for the rally in support of Kadyrov received the representatives of the various agencies of the Chechen Republic and heads of budget organizations. “Instructed to warn all the workers so that at the appointed time they were in place. Responsible for the turnout of the people is vested in the head”, – told the employee of one of the Republican ministries on the condition of anonymity. It was also reported that the alleged participants of the meeting instructed to bring to the event, the portraits of Kadyrov and banners in support of it.

“The instruction on carrying out of mass rally in support of Ramzan, of course, goes with the top, – said the interlocutor of the portal. – Yesterday was the installation guide on meeting as many people as possible. And not only staff and students, but all whom they can. Also instructed to have banners in support of Kadyrov and his portraits”.

Another source of site, the employee of a certain local non-governmental organization named ISA, confirmed that the upcoming campaign will be forced: “This is another sectioned, and the role of the main extras will portray state employees, students and schoolchildren”.

Another anonymous source, the head of one of public organizations of Chechnya, also stressed that the holding of such a meeting is impossible without approval by Kadyrov. “Ramzan, who last week announced his resignation, expressed a wish that there were organized rallies in his support. Then his environment was limited to the so-called civil forum, the various flash mobs and petitions on behalf of the Chechen people that Kadyrov is sure to remain in power. Now the passions regarding possible departure Kadyrov in the Republic of verse a few, so it took a rally,” he explained.

We will remind, on January 22, amid loud Kadyrov’s conflict with the Russian opposition in Grozny was carried out large-scale rally in support of the head of Chechnya. Then in the Ministry of press of the Republic told about the coercion officials to participate in the promotion. It was also reported that for the meeting prepared in advance dozens of anti-opposition measures slogans.

The powers of Kadyrov expire in early April. Elections of the head of Chechnya will be held in the Republic in a single day of voting – September 18, 2016. Earlier in the Kremlin saidthat the decision to resign Kadyrov will be made in accordance with the assessments and proposals of President Vladimir Putin. But first of all in the administration of the President called to wait for the termination of authority of the Chechen leader.

While close to the Russian leadership and Chechen sources claim that the decision to appoint Kadyrov acting President of Chechnya and his subsequent participation in the elections already made, since the current Chechen leader is satisfied with the Kremlin.

Chechen authorities have denied that they are preparing a new forced-rally “for Kadyrov” 04.03.2016

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