The management of the Primorsky Safari Park announced the auction for those wishing to purchase children the goat Timur, who became famous due to an unusual friendship with the Amur tiger.

On March 8, when the school staged a contest for the best goat for Timur, his former mistress brought to Park the goat Lady and the seven kids of Timur from his previous marriages to three different goats, born in December of 2015.

Two kids decided to leave in the Safari Park and the other wishing to pass through the auction, reported on the websiteof the organization.

Timur himself is currently undergoing rehabilitation in a Veterinary Academy named after Skryabin in Moscow, where the goat was sent to cure the wound at the back inflicted by Cupid in late January.

And his predatory ex-mate, Cupid, meanwhile, “got married” tigress Ussuri.

Unusual friendship children glorified Primorsky Safari Park in the whole country. History
started last fall, when the goat gave a tiger to be eaten. However, Timur gave Cupid a cool fight back and even kicked the striped predator from his home.

After that, the tiger with the goat became inseparable couple, and their relationships with closely watched in Russia and abroad with the help of web cameras installed in the Park. Everyone could in real time watch as the tiger and the goat together, walking, sports and even play football.

All this time we continued to debate about what the outcome of this strange friendship. Many expressed confidence that in the end tiger will eat the goat, originally intended in his food. The Director of the Park insisted that it will not happen.

This continued until the end of January, when Cupid asked considerably annoys him Timur decent bashing, and then a wayward goat resettled in another aviary to treat.

In early February, recovering Timur was discharged from the veterinary cage and placed in a separate housing, and in the middle of the month the friends again met, but through the fence. Later, however, the wound on the back of a goat began to fester, and he was sent for treatment to the capital.

Children of the seaside goat Timur decided to let the hammer, and his friend the tiger “married” (VIDEO) 15.06.2016

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