Between the US and China, an international scandal erupted after the U.S. military command has accused Beijing of “unprofessional conduct” because of an incident in the skies over the East China sea. In response, the Chinese defense Ministry bluntly urged Washington to stop “Supervisory activity” close to the borders of China.

According to Reuters, it started with the fact that the Chinese fighter intercepted a U.S. air force plane over the East China sea. The incident took place with the American Boeing WC-135 – aircraft special purpose, which collects samples of the atmosphere in order to detect and identify nuclear explosions.

To intercept U.S. aircraft on alert in the air were lifted two Chinese SU-30. The Pentagon actions of the Chinese side called “unprofessional”. Washington has accused Beijing that the Chinese fighters too close and quickly moved to the American Board.

“We will continue to discuss the incident privately with the Chinese side,” – said on 19 may, the representative of command of Pacific air forces of the USA, Laurie Hodge. He noted that it is planned to use both diplomatic and military channels.

Information about dangerous rapprochement of military aircraft of the two countries and confirms the television channel NBC. “American aircraft WC-135 Constant Phoenix, which produces a collection of samples from the atmosphere in order to detect signs of nuclear activity, conducting a routine mission in international airspace over the East China sea, when two su-30 caught it,” – said journalists the message received from one of the American military officials.

The official representative of the Chinese foreign Ministry, Hua Chunying, in turn, said that China is concerned about the conduct of the U.S. air force maneuvers near Chinese airspace.

“US military jets repeatedly carried out maneuvers near Chinese airspace… We hope the US will take into account the legitimate concerns of China in this matter,” she said in the briefing (quoted by RIA “Novosti”).

Chunying also noted that the Chinese foreign Ministry could not yet provide any information regarding reports in the Western press about the interception of the American plane. “We have to investigate about what really happened,” she explained.

At the same time became aware of the fact that the defense Ministry of China strongly urged the Pentagon to abandon the “Supervisory activity” close to Chinese airspace, in particular in the skies over the East China sea. While in the military noted that the American version of events “does not coincide with the facts.”

China demanded that the US stop “Supervisory activity” 20.05.2017

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