Two fighters China has made the interception of aircraft of the United States air force over the East China sea. This was reported by TV channel NBC , citing two U.S. military officials. Later information was confirmed by the Pentagon.

As it became known, aircraft WC-135 Constant Phoenix have made a planned mission to study the atmosphere in international airspace over the East China sea. It was intercepted by two Chinese su-30.

The crew of the American aircraft thought the Chinese pilots “unprofessional”. As noted by the U.S. military, the U.S. aircraft operated in accordance with international law.

The Pentagon confirmed that two Chinese su-30 was accompanied by American aircraft WC-135 Constant Phoenix of the East China sea. The incident TASS on Thursday told the official representative of the U.S. air force Lieutenant Colonel Lori Hodge.

“On Wednesday, may 17, two Chinese su-30 fighter aircraft was accompanied by a WC-135 Constant Phoenix , making a routine flight in international airspace over the East China sea. WC-135 had acted in accordance with international law,” said Hodge.

According to Lori Hodge, the Pentagon “continues to investigate the incident, but initial reports by the U.S. air force characterize as a maintenance amateurish”. In her words, “the issue with China through appropriate diplomatic and military channels”.

Aircraft WC-135 Constant Phoenix is equipped with special equipment to measure the air. On Board this type of aircraft placed the equipment, which, in particular, in real-time to detect the presence of radioactive particles in the air.

Previously, the U.S. air force reported that such cars on a regular basis carry out flights over the Far East, the Indian ocean, the Bay of Bengal, Mediterranean sea, polar areas of the planet, and also off the coast of South America and Africa. These aircraft were actively used by the United States after the Chernobyl accident.

In September 2016, the Pentagon said that sends to the area of the Korean Peninsula is one of such aircraft in connection with the underground nuclear test conducted by the DPRK.

China fighter jets intercepted the aircraft over the East China sea 19.05.2017

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