Chinese multipurpose fighter of the fifth generation Chengdu
J-20 was first presented to the public at the 11th international aviation and space salon Airshow China in Zhuhai, reports Reuters.

Chinese authorities hope with the help of the fighter to reduce the technological gap in the military sphere with the United States. J-20 resembles the us fifth generation fighter F-22 Raptor, but with a less powerful jet engine.

Chinese fighter jet made its first test flight in January 2011, but not yet adopted by the air force. According to press estimations, it has Russian engines such as AL-31ФМ2, notes TASS. It is reported that in the future, China intends to replace with their own counterparts.

A large part of the tactical-technical characteristics of new items is kept secret. In operation, the fighter needs to do in the years 2017-2019.

Currently, China is developing another fifth – generation fighter jet J-31.

China first introduced the fifth generation fighter Chengdu J-20 01.11.2016

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