Aviation industry Corporation of China (AVIC) completed the Assembly process of the amphibious aircraft AG600. Demonstration of the aircraft took place last Saturday, July 23, Zhuhai city, reported the national TV channel CCTV.

Maximum takeoff weight of the aircraft is more than 53 tonnes and a maximum range of 4,500 kilometers. Size AG600 comparable with the Boeing 737 aircraft, although its wingspan is much less than it was at the famous “Hercules” Howard Hughes, said The Guardian. The Chinese media note that AG600 is the largest among the developed samples of such equipment in the country and abroad.

According to AVIC, AG600 is equipped with four turboprop engines. He is able to take on Board 12 tons of water in 20 seconds. The aircraft is able to takeoff and land on a conventional airfield, and also on the water surface. It is designed for fighting forest fires and conducting rescue operations on the water.

In addition it can be equipped with additional equipment for carrying out various operations in the South China sea where the Islands, which are claimed by China. According to the manufacturers, the distance that the speedboat will travel in a week, AG600 able to overcome three hours.

According to The Guardian, AG600 focused on the domestic market. Today, AVIC has received 17 orders for the aircraft.

AG600 – the first large-size civil aircraft of special purpose, which is developing China, reports the Chinese Agency Xinhua. According to CCTV, the first flight should take place at the end of this year.

China has established the world’s largest amphibious aircraft 25.07.2016

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