A Chinese company Seven Star Energy Investment Group announced the beginning of construction of the new attraction, which will be a copy of the legendary “Titanic” in full size. It is expected that the project will be completed by the end of next year.

A copy of the liner will be part of a resort area Romandisea Seven Star International in Sichuan province. Ride’s creators promise to simulate the collision of the real “Titanic” with an iceberg and subsequent death, so that the audience could imagine themselves in the role of heroes Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. On the details of the work of veteran Hollywood art Director and producer Curtis Schnell, reports Sky News.

“We’re not going to recreate every cabin of the ship at any cost, but its appearance and finish will be very accurate and historically reliable,” – he says.

It is known that the initial project budget of 1 billion yuan (145 million dollars) was exceeded, however, the final cost of the Chinese “Titanic” is not yet known. The CEO of the company-initiator su Shaojun, commenting on the project, said that China “needs” in the new attraction. In his opinion, every man should want to see it.

TASS, citing Chinese media reports that the ship will be a full-scale copy of the original. A length of 269 meters, width – 29 meters. In the new reincarnation of “Titanic” will not see the ocean – he has to stay on eternal Parking in one of the reservoirs in Sichuan.

The newspaper “Renmin Zhibao” in the past year he published sketches of the interiors of the new “Titanic”. Then it was assumed that the first 5,000 tickets to the show will be sold in the summer of 2015. Guests were asked to pay 3,000 yuan (£315″ for the night in a cabin on Board ship, in the cabins of the first class the price was at the level of 100 thousand yuan.

Passengers promised ballroom dancing, pool parties, fun in the spirit of Las Vegas, authentic menu and a flash-Bang show, simulating a crash. Actor Bernard hill, who played captain Edward Smith in the Oscar-winning film by James Cameron 1996, promised to take part in the opening of the new “Titanic” in his costume. It was assumed that the attraction can accommodate up to 1500 visitors a day, and part of the proceeds will be sent to charitable organizations established to help victims of Maritime disasters around the world.

Note, this is not the first copy of the Titanic, which is going to build. About his plans to get an exact copy and turn it into an ocean superliner in 2013, announced by Australian billionaire Clive Palmer. It was assumed that the construction of the vessel will be carried out in the Chinese shipyard Jinling Shipyard. On Board the “Titanic II” Palmer was going to make a filmdedicated to the tragedy of 1912.

The largest passenger liner “Titanic” during the first flight from Britain to the US 14 April 1912 collided with an iceberg and sank. Killed 1 522.

China has started construction of a copy of “Titanic” in full size 01.12.2016

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