In the newly opened store in town Qibao, located in Minhang district, Shanghai, there was a special room for men where they can spend time while their wives are busy shopping, reports Shanghai Daily.

The room is located on the third floor of the shopping center owned by one of China’s largest real estate companies Vanke Group. Inside the room there is a TV and soft chairs, including massage chair. Abandoned spouses may enjoy reading magazines and Newspapers.

Some Chinese users, commenting on the new product, admitted that she is “absolutely necessary.” Others, however, suggested that the presence in the shopping center a child’s room would be needed. Others wryly noted that for the beginning it would be good to have the husband, then it could be left in such “adult crèche”. Some also raised the question whether the men relax while their wives are left alone with their credit card.

Problem predisposed men to long shopping are well known. In opinion of psychologists, the reason for this is the different search strategies, inherent in our evolution. Because of this, sometimes combines shopping men and women leads to quarrels, and sometimes even tragedies. So, in 2013 in China 38-year-old man could not stand many hours of shopping, which it before Christmas forced the girlfriend and committed suicideby jumping from the balcony of one of the upper floors of the shopping center.

At the same time, the idea of creating room for men in the shopping center is not new. Back in 2011 the media wrotethat placement appeared in one of shops of the Swedish company IKEA in Australia.

China Mall opened an “adult creche” for men tired of shopping 02.11.2016

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