In China, a senior Communist party of China was sentenced to death with a two-year suspended sentence. The court found the Buy of Anipa, who previously held senior management positions in the provinces of Qinghai and Yunnan, guilty of systematic bribery. The verdict pronounced amid the country’s ongoing fight against corruption at all levels, announced the head of China XI Jinping.

The court in Henan province has recognized 70-year-old Anipa guilty of receiving a “huge amount of bribes” and the possession of large incomes received from unidentified sources, reported Shanghai Daily. The official abused his official powers for illicit enrichment, and personally, through a spouse, in the amount of 247 million yuan (about 37 million dollars). Assets party functionary confiscated.

The court decision States that the amount received by an official of the bribes were “enormous, the details of his crime is extremely serious, and their effects on society are extremely detrimental”. In the period from 2000 to 2013 ENPI used his position and power to misuse for money to assist others in various fields. For a bribe the official has issued a building permit, license for extraction of mineral resources, promoted people.

According to the court, ENPI received a two-year suspended sentence because he confessed to his crimes, expressed regret in full and returned to the state illegally acquired. The ultimate punishment for corruption in China is death penalty. In this case postponed the death penalty usually commuted to life imprisonment if convicted within two years demonstrates good behavior.

ENPI previously held a senior position in the legislature of the PRC, headed by the Communist party in the southern province of Yunnan until 2011, and was also part of the leadership of the Western province of Qinghai.

On the eve of the allegations of corruption were brought against two former high-ranking Chinese officials. Soon will appear in court Jan Donlan, former head of the State administration of work safety, and Zhou Benshun, the former head office of the Communist party in Hebei province. Donlan also is accused of embezzlement of public funds.

Chinese President XI Jinping, as head of state, has declared full-scale war against corruption and abuse, resembles the Asian Correspondent. While criticism of the Chinese leader believe that he is using the anticorruption campaign to combat political opponents.

In January, the Communist party announced that in 2015 about 300 thousand officials were sentenced for corruption. According to the Central Committee of CPC for discipline inspection, 200 thousand people received minor punishment and 82 thousand severe, including demotion.

China’s former senior official sentenced to death for taking bribes, for 37 million dollars 10.10.2016

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