In the Chinese province of Zhejiang mountaineer drew a seven-meter portrait of the beloved on a rock to show her feelings to him, according to Cnina News. A giant image of the head men appeared in the mountains, located in the district of Taizhou on the rock height of 218 meters.

As told the newspaper Qianjiang Evening News local climbers, we are talking about the history of love – a 37-year-old athlete in love with 40-year-old man from the team, and she is not married, and the object of her passion is not married.

According to the source, every weekend, the woman climbed the rock climbing equipment and hours wrote a portrait. It took her a total of 10 days to over two months to finish the painting. As noted by the interlocutor of the edition, of course, wrong to do graffiti in the scenic area, however, this manifestation of love he believes touching.

Local authorities contacted the artist after she created the image became a hit on the Internet. The woman promised to remove the portrait and to restore the original appearance of the rock.

A woman paints a huge portrait of a man on a cliff in Zhejiang Province to show her love for him.

Chinese climber painted a portrait of the beloved on a cliff with a height of 218 meters (PHOTO) 28.09.2016

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