Chinese film company has announced the recruitment of the actors in the extras for the melodramatic series. Shooting began in Khabarovsk, reported IA “data”.

The action of the series titled “Boundaries of love” unfolds in the second half of the twentieth century. His main character is a Soviet doctor, sent to work in Beijing for an exchange program between the socialist countries. In the Chinese capital, he falls in love with a Chinese woman. A whirlwind romance ends with the wedding, but life circumstances force the lovers to part. Throughout the series the characters are once again trying to find each other.

As noted by the far Eastern news Agency, the obvious plot similarities to “Madame butterfly” Chinese broadcasters are not confused. They are willing to pay to Khabarovsk involved in the shooting, a thousand rubles a day.

Recall the story about the alien who falls in love with geisha CIO-CIO-San and breaks her heart, made famous by the composer Giacomo Puccini. His Opera was based on the drama by David Belasco “Geisha”, which, in turn, was inspired by a story by John Luther long.

In 1960-e years, history repeated itself in China when the French diplomat Bernard Boursicot fell in love with Peking Opera artist Shi Pape, not knowing that he was dealing with a man. After emigrating to France together with “son” a couple was arrested for espionage in favor of China. Boursicot learned of Shi field only during the proceedings and tried to commit suicide. American playwright David Henry Hwang wrote about lovers play “M. butterfly” and Director David Cronenberg filmed her, inviting main Rodi John Lone and Jeremy irons.

Chinese film company shoots in Khabarovsk series in the story “Madame butterfly” 29.09.2016

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