The United States must accept responsibility for a cyber attack WannaCry, but instead they obstruct international efforts to combat global cyber threats. It is reported by the Chinese publication China Daily, referenced by Reuters.

“A concerted effort to combat cybercrime was restrained by the actions of the USA”, – stated in the article. It also reminds us of the sanctions imposed by the US against Chinese technology companies, including the world’s largest telecommunications company, Huawei.

Previously, she was banned from tendering for government contracts the U.S. due to suspicions about the possibility of industrial espionage in the interests of China.

In the article noted that Washington has “no credible evidence” against Chinese technology companies. Moreover, the actions of the United States look hypocritical in the light of recent events, when after a massive cyber attack using the virus-the extortioner WannaCry it turned outthat for its implementation the hackers used a program created by the American national security Agency (NSA).

Still not established who is behind the hacking, which led to the contamination of more than 300 thousand computers around the world. However, according to Chinese media reports, “the NSA must assume part of the blame because a computer virus was created on the basis of one of the hacking tools that the Agency has developed for its own use, but which fell into the hands of cybercriminals”.

The attack of the virus WannaCry began in the afternoon of may 12. Virus WannaCry started disabling computers and demand a ransom to return them to normal operation.

Initially it was reported that the virus had infected computers in hospitals the UK, he then began to spread to other countries. According to “Kaspersky Lab”, by the evening, the virus had affected computers in 74 countries, including Belgium, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, China, USA, Brazil, Ukraine, Italy, India, Czech Republic, Kuwait, Turkey, Canada, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Thailand.

Later at Europol reported that hackers had hit at least 150 countries. Among the States affected was Russia.

The U.S. government reported earlier that the virus was able to create representatives of foreign States. It was said that with the help of the virus, the hackers have made from user payments in an amount equal to approximately 70 to thousands of dollars. In the administration of the President of the United States noted that they do not know cases when, after payment access to computers returned.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, commenting on yesterday during a press conference in Beijing after his visit to China cyber attacks, saidthat the source of the malware is now the US intelligence services. Suspicions of Russian involvement in the emergence of the virus the head of state denied. “Russia is completely innocent. I’m surprised to hear in these circumstances is something else,” he said.

Chinese media urged the US to accept responsibility for a cyber attack WannaCry 17.05.2017

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