One of the most famous Chinese sailors Guo Chuan has gone missing in the district of Hawaii, trying to cross alone the Pacific ocean, according to Channel NewsAsia. The relationship with Th was lost on Tuesday, 25 October, and abandoned trimaran was discovered near the coast of the United States.

As evidenced by the report of the American rescuers, 97-foot trimaran from Qingdao drifting on the waves a few hundred kilometers to the West of the Hawaiian Islands. It is also noticeable the red sail with the inscription “Peace and sport” which took Guo Quan.

The athlete tried to search, but the search and rescue operation, which was conducted from the air and on the water, did not produce results. In the United States Coast guard decided to stop looking. According to rescuers, prior to that, he was “in constant contact” with the sea rescue coordination centre of China and his family and “could not miss scheduled calls”. American rescuers brought the Chinese side condolences in connection with the disappearance of yachtsman.

Guo Chuan was going to set a new world record. On 18 October he left the American city of San Francisco planned for 20 days to get to Shanghai, what would become the fastest crossing of the Pacific ocean alone. He also would become the first Chinese who had committed such a journey.

51-year-old Guo Chuan today is the biggest star of sailing in China. He became the first Chinese yachtsman who successfully complete single round trip without stops.

Fans of Guo Chuan of Qingdao saddened by the loss of his idol, however, do not lose hope. In social networks, they published the calls and words of support: “Oh, captain, please return home safely!”

Last year the American grebchikha Sonia Baumshtein could become the first woman to be alone crossed the Pacific ocean, however, she refused attempts to put the record. A week after the start of Japan’s athlete sent a distress signal because of bad weather, and were evacuated from the route.

Chinese sailor was gone, trying alone to cross the Pacific ocean 27.10.2016

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