The police of Guangdong province in China have arrested a 31-year-old woman named Zhou suspected of infanticide. The intruder killed him four daughters, and wounded a fifth daughter. The massacre occurred against the backdrop of post-partum depression. The woman was upset and could not give birth to a boy.

The tragedy occurred on Friday in the family, living in a village near the city of Zhanjiang. For the killing of children by the ill-minded woman used a kitchen knife, writes The South China Morning Post , citing police.

It is known that a fifth suspect gave birth to a daughter in November 2016. Police on the scene called the villager women. At that point, the girls, aged no more than seven years, was alive. The victims were taken to the hospital, but four of them died.

After the arrest, the woman confessed to the crime and told about the motive for the murder. The ill-minded woman and her husband for many years prayed and dreamed that they had a son, but all was in vain.

According to local residents, the suspect’s family lived in poverty. The head of the family was forced to go to work far from home and his wife cared for many children and their father is disabled.

Chinese woman kills four daughters, after an unsuccessful fifth attempt to have a son 12.12.2016

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