The head of the organization “the Christian state of Holy Russia” (CG/CP) Alexander Kalinin insists that he and his movement did not threaten the state, but only warn of the existence of destructive forces, unhappy with the film by Alexei Uchitel “Matilda” and willing to Express dissatisfaction with the arson of the cinema. He said this in comments to”Interfax”.

“We do not call, our attitude is that we have warned about this for years people are saying,” said Kulilin.

“And these people thousands, on our website registered 4.5 thousand people. We listened and decided to announce it, we wrote to the cinema not because I wanted to show that is so cool, and because we know these people are for the words will answer to us. But the letter is no threat,” he added.

He stressed that the letters were warnings for cinemas, rather than threats, which is confirmed by the inspections of the Ministry of interior.

Poklonskaya demanded to withdraw from “Matilda” rental license because of the “negative reaction in society”

“I have 47 of failures in the criminal case. I have from the Ministry of internal Affairs of the paper is that in fact these letters are no more cases will not be instituted because of a crime there,” – said Kalinin.

Note that the same thing he told DailyStorm, published on 25 June. “Nobody was ready to burn the cinema, this was not written anywhere. In our letter mentioned one thing – that there are people who are willing to do it. Our letter is not the intention, but a warning that there are people who are ready to burn the cinema. They are really there. And if our warning be treated as a violation, then wait for these people. Personally, I burn nothing going on, members of our organization too. But there are desperate people who’ll do it,” he said.

He added that he personally knows these people and talked with them, and added that the film the Teacher will not be released, what is its assured security sources. “Alexey Uchitel – the person does not understand what he was doing. And people from the security services, the FSB, the government and the state Duma – all understand that this is not worth it. Especially in our time. And they assured us that the film does not come out, shook hands with us. I know that they are words in the wind throw”, – explained the head of the “Holy Russia” reporters.

This interview was the reason for the interior Ministry lawyer of a Teacher who also pointed out it contained threats to the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky. These threats also drew attention of the deputies of the state Duma Irina Rodnina and Oksana Pushkin, who was sent to the Federal security service (FSB) and the Ministry of internal Affairs (MIA) of the Russian Federation requests to check on the extremism of opponents of the movie “Matilda” from the CG/CP and “Forty sorokov”.

The Deputy’s request says that figures from the organization “Christian state Holy Russia” in his interviews and publications openly threaten not only the ordinary citizens of Russia, artists are not accepting their ideology, but also by the heads of state.

Orthodox movement “forty times Forty” believes slander suspicion, if it were his activists torched cars and emphasizes that acts only within the law.

Medina asked the interior Ministry to ensure the safety of the show “Matilda”

Vladimir Medinsky sent a letter to the interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev with a request to ensure security and prevent possible illegal actions on the screening of the film “Matilda”, reported the press service of the Ministry.

Previously, he has asked law enforcement agencies to stop the pressure from the opponents of the movie “Matilda”, noting that they set a dangerous precedent.

The discussion about the film began to its release with the Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Poklonskaya said that the movie offends the feelings of her and other Orthodox believers. In the tape tells about the relationship of the future last Russian Emperor Nicholas II and the ballerina Mathilde Kshesinskaia.

Poklonskaya seeking to block the screening of the film on the big screen. For that she, in particular, stated about the findings on the inadmissibility of the show made no known experts, organized prayer vigils, recently filed a lawsuit to the Teacher on behalf of the 91-year-old widow of a nephew of Nicholas II and sent to the public Prosecutor with the request to check the data of “dubious schemes” funding of the film, and today called to return to the consideration of the results of the pattern distribution certificate.

Previously unknown already threw Molotov cocktails at the building of the Studio Teacher, and a resident of Irbit Denis Murashov rammed the door of the Ekaterinburg cinema, by organizing the fire to prevent the screening of the film, and on September 11 burned cars, at the office of counsel for the Director Konstantin Dobrynin in Moscow.

“Christian state” insists that the threatened arson of cinema with “Matilda”, but only warned about this desire 13.09.2017

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