The intercession of the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov for the Deputy Natalia Polonskaya in the context of her uncompromising struggle with the film by Alexei Uchitel “Matilda” went to Chechen leader sideways. On the eve of his birthday the President of Armenia landed in the black list of the organization “Christian state Holy Russia.” Poklonskaya was in this list a few weeks earlier.

Black list published on the website “Russia-Novosibirsk”created by activists of the “Christian state”. The list of censured those who supported or even just not have condemned the film “Matilda”.

Kadyrov was included in the list after the head of Chechnya in his Telegram channel supported Poklonskaya who have been, according to him, the persecution due to his position against the Filmstrip the Teacher. Activists of the “Christian States of Holy Russia” I consider MP a traitor since, as she announcedthat the leader of the organization Alexander Kalinin were allegedly detained in her Deputy’s request on extremism. “Natalia Poklonskaya first “handed over” the most active defenders of the Orthodox faith, when it became unprofitable to her,” say the activists, explaining the introduction of Kadyrov in the black list.

In religious organizations believe that “if tomorrow is going to arrest Ramzan Kadyrov for the persecution of gays in Chechnya (we’re just guessing, not claiming), then Russia will be the first to report that it happened in her statement.” While the MP compared with the late businessman Boris Berezovsky. “Here it is, late and power-hungry schemer Boris Berezovsky,” he described the activists of the action of the Deputy.

Polonskaya also called “Judas”. “Poklonskaya is Judas, the traitor defenders of the Orthodox faith, sold for 30 pieces of silver not only Sasha Kalinin, but also sold the faith. Mr. Kadyrov welcomes such a position of Judas Polonskaya and at the same time shows remarkable tolerance for sodomites”, – stated in the message.

Kadyrov stood up for Poklonsky and justifying its actions against the “Matilda”, noted that the MP thus “represents in the state Duma the interests of the population of Russia”. The head of Chechnya recalled that the petition against the film Teacher had previously collected 100 thousand signatures “and the girl protects the interests of those who care for the history of his country”.

Itself Poklonski was black-listed “Christian States of Holy Russia” 20 Sep. Then the leader of the organization Kalinin was detained by the police on the case of arson of cars near the office of the counsel for the Director of the film “Matilda” by Alexei Uchitel Constanine Dobrynin. Poklonskaya hastened to inform that the detention was carried out by the parliamentary request. Dobrynin called this statement “very funny news” of the day.

Premiere of “Matilda” will be held in St. Petersburg on October 23. The film tells the Teacher about the relationship of Emperor Nicholas II with the ballet dancer Mathilde Kschessinska. The Deputy of the state Duma Poklonskaya considered that the film denigrates the memory of the canonized Emperor, and launched a powerful public campaign against her, which joined Orthodox activists.

The organization of the “Christian state Holy Russia” in January threatened to burn cinemasthat will show “Matilda”, and a few months ago sent to the Directors of the cinemas of letters demanding to refuse rental of the film. It was noted that any banner or poster of the painting will be considered by activists as “a desire to humiliate the saints of the Church and a provocation to the “Russian Maidan.”

The leader of the “Christian state” Alexander Kalinin 30 September was charged in the case of the pressure on the theaters.

September 11, enemies of the people set fire to cars near the office of the attorney Wites – Konstantin Dobrynin in Moscow. The attackers left a note “For her to burn”. On the morning of 4 September at the main entrance of the cinema “Kosmos” in Ekaterinburg crashed UAZ another “activist” and started the fire.

On the night of 31 August, the attackers threw Molotov cocktails into the Windows of a building in St. Petersburg, where the Studio Director Alexei Uchitel. The result was a fire that was quickly extinguished. No one was hurt.

“Christian state,” Kadyrov sent to the blacklist for the support of “Judas” Poklonsky 04.10.2017

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