Migrants from North Africa, participating in mass harassment of women during the celebration of the New 2016 next to the main station of Cologne, agreed about the meeting in advance, and prompted them to this connivance of the police, said forensic opinion prepared by the psychologist-criminologist Rudolf Egham for the Landtag (Parliament) of North Rhine – Westphalia in düsseldorf, which leads the Cologne publication Express.

Just after new year’s eve police in Cologne received more than 1,200 requests from victims. About 500 cases were related to sexual violence. The expert says that a random, accidental meeting of such a number of offenders “reasonable manner” is impossible to explain.

“It is assumed that on the eve of those events had reached a kind of agreement, which was the reason that hundreds of immigrants from Africa decided to celebrate the New year in the heart of Cologne main station. It is possible that there was some sort of word of mouth in the hostels for refugees or arrangement in social networks, like Facebook or Whatsapp,” reads the document, the translation of which publishes site InoPressa.

The majority of participants of those events, according to the egg, arrived in Cologne without any intention to trespass. The migrants moved to mass harassment only after realized that the police did not intervene.

The expert said that the Cologne case of mass harassment due to criminology “broken Windows theory”, which States that the acquiescence of society in relation to minor offences provokes people to commit similar or more serious offences. Crimes are committed in conditions of anonymity and due to the lack of threat of prosecution; this is exactly what happened in Cologne, says the psychologist.

Press Secretary of the Landtag refused to comment on the report in response to a request by Sueddeutsche Zeitung as long as the results were not reported to the parliamentary Committee of inquiry. The results of a study commissioned by Diet, will be presented at a public hearing of the Committee at the end of October.

On the night of January 1, 2016, about a thousand young people for a few hours before the New year gathered on the square near Cologne Cathedral and Cologne Central station, divide into small groups, attacked the women. Among the suspects in various crimes of sexual violence – from harassment to rape – there are Algerians, Iraqis, Tunisians, citizens of Libya, Iran and Montenegro. In late April, the Swiss authorities announced the arrest of a key suspect. They were 19-year-old Moroccan who came from the German border town of Konstanz to Swiss Kreuzlingen (Thurgau Canton).

Attacking migrants ‘ agitated Germany, and gave rise to its neighbors once again to doubt the correctness of the policy of the European Union towards refugees.

Christmas mass molestation in Cologne explained the conspiracy because of the connivance of the police 05.10.2016

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