The head of “RUSNANO” Anatoly Chubais agreed with the remarks of the accounting chamber, which is suggested not to pay the award to the management of the Corporation for unprofitable projects, reports TASS.

However, premiums may be paid and for the implementation of unprofitable projects, noted Chubais. According to him, such payments can be useful for motivation involved in the implementation of specialised projects.

Earlier this week the audit chamber of the Russian Federation refused to pay the remuneration to the management of “RUSNANO” on unprofitable projects through loans supported by state guarantees.

So, the auditors reported that the results 2014-2015 of the year “Rosnano” has paid remuneration of the management company to 8.09 billion rubles, of which management fee made up 7.96 billion rubles, and the fee for success to 0.13 billion.

The Commission is paid for the success of the management company for investment projects, participation in which RUSNANO finalizes, and even paid for unprofitable projects.

Following the audit, the auditors asked the government to change the rules of granting state guarantees of Russia under credits or bonded loans, involved “Rosnano”, to prohibit the payment of remuneration on unprofitable investment projects.

The chamber also stated the need for more assessment of the financial condition of RUSNANO’s.

After verification of the accounts chamber in “Rosnano” has promised to eliminate violations, noting that the rules of providing state guarantees and so do not involve the payment of remuneration to the management of available funds.

We will note, according to long-term development program “Rosnano” the activities of the Corporation until 2017 will be unprofitable and require government support in the form of state guarantees for 70 billion rubles.

Chubais explained why you need a prize for unprofitable projects 29.04.2016

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