Police checks on the fact of the alleged death of the polar bear on Wrangel island, reports a press-service UMVD on the Chukot Autonomous region. At the same time, according to some, the animal survived.

“Currently, measures are being taken to establish all the circumstances and eyewitnesses of the incident. In addition, fsbi “State nature reserve “Wrangel Island” requested materials about attraction to administrative responsibility, committed this act in November of the current year”, – stated in the message. As noted in the press-service, earlier information about the incident to the police were reported.

We will remind, yesterday the head of Ministry of Russia Sergey Donskoy saidthat the incident with the white bear on acute Wrangel is not related to self-defense. He appealed to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation with a request to conduct a thorough investigation of the death of the polar bear on Wrangel island.

Program Manager for biodiversity of the world Fund of protection of wild nature of Russia Vladimir Krever said that the killing of polar bears on Wrangel island is a manifestation of sadism.

As the press wrote, on Wrangel island cook, an employee of the company “Ruslans”, planted a white bear eating a firecracker. Video of the incident was published on the Internet and caused a wide public resonance.

Autonomy Governor Roman Kopin has written to request a thorough investigation of the crime to the address of regional police directorates of the FSB, the Prosecutor’s office, Investigative Committee, according to TASS.

“Crime against the polar bear was shot on video, which spread on the Internet that brought the deserved a wide public response not only on the territory of Chukotka, but also throughout Russia. The competent authorities should conduct a comprehensive inspection and to determine whether it was an accident or the actions of the participants the video clip was observed malice”, – quotes the words of the Governor its press-service.

According to Roman Kopin, it is necessary to establish the facts and circumstances of the incident and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Dipper could survive

While law enforcement agencies are discussing penalties for those responsible, put forward a version that the animal survived. Officer of the reserve “Wrangel Island” Alexander Skrypnyk told TASS that the bear, who was injured by bursting firecrackers, survived and gone into the wild.

“Was the fact of injury to the female polar bear. In self-defense Builder construction organization threw a firecracker into a bear. Then our staff drove the bears deep into the island, he left his feet. Then subsequently, no corpse nothing was found, then there is a bear living,” said Skripnik. According to him, remains to be seen who exactly said that the bear was killed.

“When our staff went to the scene, the bear was just. Naturally he received a traumatic shock. It drove deep into the island. But, the next day and subsequently every day looked, indeed there were traces, but not bloody, he went deep into the island,” said Alexander Skrypnyk.

The scientist also has denied the information that the bear was thrown the thunder flash. This, according to the perpetrator of the incident, he informed the inspectors of nature conservation areas, was a firecracker. In addition, as follow from the explanations of the man, he’s just scared.

“It wasn’t a firecracker. Throwing an innocent civilian who has never in his life seen a polar bear. With his explanation he got scared and threw the firecracker meet him (the bear), but it so happened that he (the bear) took it in your mouth,” he added.

For violation of nature protection in respect of an employee of a construction company, inspectors of the reserve “Wrangel Island” the incident in November was drawn up a Protocol about administrative offences and fined. “According to our article, he still broke it. He wasn’t supposed to be outside, he had to be in the beam. Of course we made him (the Protocol) and he was fined”, – said Alexander Skrypnyk.

Chukchi the police checks the fact of death of a white bear, but the animal could survive 25.12.2015

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