The former head of the Council of elders of Circassians-Shapsugs, 67-year-old Ruslan Guasch, announced the termination of the hunger strikehe began on 11 September in protest against the court’s decision to fine him for prayer at the Tulip tree in Golovinka village of Krasnodar region. Meanwhile, in Krasnodar, at the courthouse held a spontaneous rally in support of Guasave.

According to the information portal “the Caucasian knot”, Guasch stopped the hunger strike at the request of the participants of the rally in his support, which gathered more than 200 people. About his decision, the former head of the Council of elders of Circassians-Shapsugs announced, when he came to the courthouse.

“The hunger strike is over, but not stopped the fight. Several hundred people gathered today after the transfer of the trial of Ruslan Hashavim. Sensibly deciding that the pursuers seek the death of Ruslan, the protesters demanded that the elders continue to fight for our rights, but to stop the hunger strike and to gain strength by 16 October,” wrote one of the activists named Temirlan Ilow on his page in Facebook.

Note that on the morning of 5 October, when a car with Hashavim went to the court, its on the outskirts of Sochi was stopped by traffic police. After a three-hour delay Gueshevo allowed to continue in Krasnodar, but in Tuapse machine with activist stopped again. In the end, the former head of the Council of elders of Circassians-Shapsugs still managed to get to Krasnodar.

When Guasch came to court, it turned out that the meeting in his case without explanation was postponed from the 5th to the 16th of October. “No one in the court gives no clear explanation about why the meeting was postponed without notice. People were a lot”, – told reporters Guseva lawyer Marina Dubrovina.

Lazarevsky district court of Sochi on June 2 Guseva fined on 10 thousand roubles, having found him guilty in the organization of uncoordinated action – prayer near Tulip tree in the memorial Day of Circassians on may 21. Guasch appealed against this decision in regional court. On 2 August the Krasnodar regional court overturned the assigned administrative penalty and sent the case back for new consideration in the Lazarevsky district court. There after new consideration of the case on August 30 left the penalty in force, the decision of the elder again appealed to the regional court.

Earlier it became known that the city authorities plan to build up the land, which is sacred to the Circassians Tulip tree, which is more than 150 years. Around him plan to install fountains, flowerbeds and plant the lawn, and also to build a large hotel with pool, a miniature Park, national village crafts, modern restaurants.

In three regions of Russia – Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkessia and Adygea – may 21 officially declared a Day of mourning and remembrance for the victims of the Caucasian war of the XIX century. Ceremonies are held on this day and in other places inhabited by the Circassian peoples, says “Kommersant” with reference to the activist of the organization “Adyge Khase” Asker Sohta and gives details of what happened on may 21, 2017.

In the Krasnodar territory of Circassians-Shapsugs this day come to the Tulip tree in Golovinka village, which is located within Sochi. The Shapsugs there is a centuries-old tradition to gather for collective prayers under the sacred trees, and this instance of liriodendron tulpenweg officially recognized as a commemorative object of local significance and is under state protection.

This year under the tree, as usual, gathered a few dozen people, Guseva asked to read the prayer for the dead, and another local resident aydamir Basta gave the traditional funeral cakes, and then the audience went to the coast and launched wreaths. The whole event took no more than 15 minutes, it was attended by police and did not put any obstacles. But the next day Guseva and Basta called to testify.

Circassian, fined for a prayer service at the Tulip tree near Sochi, stopped the hunger strike 06.10.2017

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